Ultimate Colloidal Silver Defense For Pets (SilverSafe Immune Booster for Pets 12 fl oz + Colloidal Silver Skin Soother for Dogs 8fl oz)

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Ultimate Colloidal Silver Defense For Pets (SilverSafe Immune Booster for Pets 12 fl oz + Colloidal Silver Skin Soother for Dogs 8fl oz)

1 x SilverSafe Immune Booster for Pets 12 fl oz (335 ml)
1 x Colloidal Silver Skin Soother for Dogs 8fl oz (236ml)


SilverSafe Immune Booster for Pets 12 fl oz (335 ml)

Health Ranger Select SilverSafe Immune Booster Dietary Supplement for Pets is a safe and natural alternative for your pet’s natural defense. Use it to boost your pet’s immune system and support great oral health and hygiene.

This unique supplement is virtually odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and is safe for both cats and dogs. Made with pure colloidal silver at 15 parts per million (ppm), our colloidal silver immune booster formula is non-GMO, non-China, and is lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiology.

Our colloidal silver is of the highest quality and is .001 to .005 microns in particle size, which is small enough to be very effective against many external threats.

  • Made with an innovative colloidal silver advanced formula
  • For both cats and dogs
  • Keep away from direct sunlight

Use it to:

  • Support oral health and hygiene
  • Promote fresh breath
  • Aid in the natural healing of minor cuts, wounds, and scratches
  • Boost your pet’s natural defenses

How much colloidal silver does your pet need?

When used correctly, the colloidal silver will not have any negative effects on your pet’s health. The correct dosage may vary depending on the overall weight of your pet. Here are the recommended daily amounts:

For animals 2 – 10 lbs: 1 tsp/day
For animals 11 – 25 lbs: 1.5 tsp/day
For animals 26 – 40 lbs: 2 tsp/day
For animals 41 – 55 lbs: 2.5 tsp/day
For animals 56 – 80 lbs: 3 tsp/day
For animals 81 lbs and over: 1 tbsp/day

Health Ranger Select SilverSafe Immune Booster for Pets can be easily added to your pet’s water bowl or dispensed with an oral syringe.

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"As a vet, I recommend SilverSafe Immune Booster for Pets products as they are completely natural and contain no synthetic ingredients that are harmful to animals." - Dr. Kent Trembly, DVM, Iowa

Ingredients: Colloidal Silver (15 ppm)

Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight.

Made in the USA

Colloidal Silver Skin Soother for Dogs 8fl oz (236ml)

This all-natural, colloidal silver-based solution contains a potent blend of naturally soothing ingredients, such as yarrow flower, soothing hemp and coconut oils, and highly versatile essential oils. Our soothing pet spray formula is free of any steroids, alcohols or synthetic chemicals, so it is safe for dogs. Made in the USA, our topical pet spray formula is non-toxic, non-GMO, China-free, and virtually odorless and tasteless. It is also lab-tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiology. Simply spray the formula on your dog’s affected area as needed. (Do not spray directly into eyes or nose.)

Use it to:

  • Relieve minor skin irritations, such as burning, itching, hot spots, and rashes
  • Soothe mild allergic reactions and flea bites
  • Promote the healing of minor cuts and scratches

We use only the purest ingredients in our Colloidal Silver Skin Soother treatment formula:

Colloidal silver – This health-promoting liquid is created by suspending pure elemental silver in distilled water. Colloidal silver works by targeting the enzymes of pathogens in your pet’s body. This weakens the pathogens, since they need enzymes to metabolize oxygen.

Organic yarrow flower – Achillea millefolium is a flower found worldwide that is touted for its natural healing capabilities. Also known as yarrow flower, it has been used for thousands of years across ancient cultures (including Chinese and Native American cultures) for its natural healing abilities and incredible benefits for skin health. In fact, ancient Greeks used this plant for treating minor external wounds on the skin.

Hemp seed oil – Hemp oil is similarly touted for its healing abilities and therapeutic properties. This nutrient-dense oil is naturally packed with vitamins A, D & E and, it is used to promote the healing of minor skin blemishes. It also contains trace amounts of important minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. 

Organic coconut oil – Coconut oil has a list of healing and therapeutic properties. This natural oil can provide a protective layer for the skin to help it retain moisture and help keep out bacteria. It also promotes the speedy recovery of minor wounds, cuts, and scratches.

Lavender essential oil – Lavender essential oil is well-known for its soothing and calming properties, and it has been used historically to reduce redness, blotchy patches, and itching.

Tea tree oil – This potent essential oil is great for soothing and healing skin that may be irritated or reddened from sun exposure or insect bites.

Lemongrass essential oil – Lemongrass essential oil is used as a natural remedy to support the natural healing of minor wounds. 

Clove essential oil – Clove essential oil can serve as a natural anesthetic to reduce pain caused by your pet’s skin condition. It also has natural defensive and moisturizing properties to help alleviate dry skin and mild skin irritations.

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  • Glyphosate- Tested
  • Non-Toxic
  • Laboratory-Verified

**External use only. For dogs only**

NOTE: Shake the bottle well before use as the various oils tend to float to the top of the solution.

Ingredients: Colloidal Silver, Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Yarrow, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil

Instructions: Spray on the affected area as needed. Do not rinse.

Made in the USA



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