Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse grind), 16 oz.

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Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse grind), 16 oz.

"Pink Himalayan salt is an ancient salt forced by the oceans millions of years ago when the ocean waters were pristine. Rich in trace minerals, Pink Himalayan salt tasted richer and more satisfying than processed salts. Your body is hungry for 90 elements, not just sodium and chloride. This salt delivers significant levels of magnesium, zinc and selenium, with trace levels of dozens of other elements. Add a small pinch to any smoothie to sweeten it with the richness of full-spectrum salt!" - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

* An excellent preparedness and storage item
* Stores indefinitely
* Quality salt will be very difficult to get in a crisis
* Can be used to preserve foods and help make fermented foods

Product of Pakistan.
Customer Reviews
Rating Coarse Ground Himalayan Salt
Well packaged and exactly as described on the website. An excellent addition to our kitchen as well as to our supply of spice / minerals necessary for the epicurian delight of the dining table.
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona. on 9/18/2015
Rating Pink Himalayan Salt
Our family switched over to Pink Himalayan Salt about two years ago. I was reading an article about it on Natural News and discovered how beneficial this salt was compared to the "sodium salt." I also read that due to the magnesium in the salt it is good for people with ADD and ADHD, which our family has. It has 90 different minerals and magnesium is the first one I gravitated too but then I saw that zinc and selenium were also in the Pink Himalayan as well as many others. The taste to me is a light smokey taste or maybe a deeper taste. My whole family loves it better than just salt and we have gotten other family members on board as well. It sure wont hurt to try it out!!
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 8/5/2015
Rating owner of my health
can this be used to replace the trace minerals that get filtered from reverse osmosis water?
  Reviewed by:   from los angeles. on 7/24/2013
Rating Yes!
I've been looking for this salt for a while, researched best place to get it. Figured out I can get it here, and was ecstatic! This is great salt, for a great price. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas!. on 3/10/2013

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