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Check your Veggies and Fruits with Nitrate Tester!

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  • Compact and easy to use
  • Measures nitrates in food
  • Rechargeable through USB
  • Takes 10 seconds to display results
  • Vibrant color display

Is your produce really organic? Had your local farmer used chemical fertilizer to accelerate the growth? Afraid that it may be contaminated? Find out with SOEKS Nitrate Tester!

Nitrate Tester is an indispensable tool that’s been developed to calculate the level of nitrates present in fresh food items like fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and child food products.

What are Nitrates?
Nitrates are a primary ingredient in fertilizers used in most industrialized countries. Excess nitrate absorption in your body affects the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood.

Convenient to operate, the tester features a metallic probe which is poked into the food material to examine. Nitrate levels are evaluated by measuring the level of conductivity of high-frequency alternating currents in the product.

The appraised results are displayed in the format of nitrate content in milligrams per kilogram of the analyzed product. It also suggests whether the product analyzed is fit for consumption.

For easy cognizance of nitrate levels, the Nitrate Tester displays a message that best describes the degree of nitrate concentration in food objects. The message is either of the following:

– Normal Nitrate Concentration
– Insignificant Nitrate Concentration
– Dangerous Nitrate Concentration

Apples, Apricots, Bananas, Beets, Early cabbage, Late cabbage, Early carrots, Late carrots, Cucumber soil, Cucumber gr., Eggplant, Grapes, Greens, Pears, Lettuce, Marrow, Melons, Nectarines, Onion Bulbs, Green Onions, Peaches, Sweet Peppers, Persimmon, Potatoes, Black Radish, Garden Radish, Strawberries, Tomato soil, Tomato ground, Watermelons, Fresh Meat.

Nitrate Tester can still be used to detect dangerous nitrates levels in fresh vegetables, fruits and meats.

Nitrate Tester is a must have device when preparing baby food. Little children are the most affected by nitrates.

? Measures nitrate ion content from 20 to 5,000 mg/kg
? Time to measure: 10 seconds
? Color user friendly display
? 2 AAA batteries or mini USB port
? Two year warranty

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