Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 (1 Lb)

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UltraClean Super Plant Food - Calcium Nitrate Formula (15.5-0-0)
UltraClean Super Plant Food is an ultra pure, laboratory-verified, mineral-enhanced plant food formula developed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
UltraClean Super Plant Food uses no ingredients from China. Instead, superior quality raw materials are sourced from the following countries where they are more pure: The Netherlands, the USA, Israel and Canada.
As a result, all UltraClean Super Plant Food formulas are extremely low in heavy metals often found in cheaper products.
In addition, all UltraClean Super Plant Food formulas are enhanced with extra nutritive minerals such as zinc, molybdenum and selenium. This formula enhancement results in plants that contain higher bioavailable ("organic") minerals than almost any other plants you'll find grown anywhere.
ICP-MS laboratory tests conducted at parts-per-billion sensitivity validate that plants grown in UltraClean Super Plant Food are significantly higher in nutritive minerals than store-bought produce, even when that produce is certified organic.
UltraClean Super Plant Food has extremely high water solubility. Nearly all the formula dissolves easily in water, allowing the minerals and nutrients to be easily transported to plant roots via the non-electric Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box system (which is gravity fed).
UltraClean Super Plant Food is guaranteed to produce vibrant, healthful and nutritious vegetables, fruits and a wide variety of herbs. Select the formula most appropriate for your plant's nutritional needs.
  • Scientifically formulated with super clean raw materials and enhanced mineral nutrients

  • Laboratory validated via ICP-MS by the Health Ranger

  • Produces the world's most mineral-rich plants for eating or juicing

  • Manufactured in the USA from raw materials sourced all over the world

  • Nearly unlimited shelf life; lasts virtually forever in storage

  • Available in large quantities for commercial operations or long-term storage of "food potential"

  • Makes an outstanding barter item for preppers or survivalists

  • Usable in all hydroponic systems
Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N)……………………….…..........……...…15.50%
1.00% Ammonical Nitrogen
14.50% Nitrate Nitrogen
Calcium          (Ca)……………………………….........…..…19.00%

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