Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil Powder - With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber 7oz (198g)

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Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil Powder - With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber 7oz (198g)

Medium-chain triglycerides are fatty acids that can support healthy heart and brain functions, as well as provide other health benefits. All fats are made up of chains of carbon atoms. While short-chain fatty acids contain five or fewer carbon atoms and long-chain fatty acids contain 13 to 21 carbon atoms, medium-chain fatty acids settle on a comfortable middle ground of six to 12 carbon atoms. This happens to be the ideal length for optimal absorption and metabolism. MCTs bypass many of the digestive processes other types of fat normally go through. These healthy fats go straight to the liver and are processed there. 

While MCT oil naturally provides a fast and clean source of healthy fats, it might not be for everyone, especially those with sensitive digestive systems. However, MCT oil can be turned into powder via a process called spray-drying. This powder is gentler to the stomach and can let even those with more sensitive systems experience the benefits of MCTs. MCT oil powder can also be conveniently used to add a rich texture to sauces, soups and beverages, and blends better with other ingredients than its regular oil form.  

Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber can deliver the healthy fats and prebiotic fiber your body needs and is perfectly compatible with a variety of diets. It is also loaded with other beneficial nutrients to support your overall health.

Health benefits of MCT oil powder** 

Supports a sensible weight management plan – Our MCT oil powder is rich in C8 and C10 MCTs that promote fat metabolism. This makes it an excellent addition to any reasonable weight management plan, especially when accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Promotes healthy energy levels – MCT oil powder is an excellent source of fuel for your body. It is loaded with potent MCTs that are quickly absorbed and converted into energy.

Supports healthy brain function – As an incredible brain food, MCT oil powder can support healthy cognitive functions and serve as an efficient source of fuel for your brain.

Improves mood – Regular consumption of healthy fats such as those found in MCT oil powder can support a positive mood. The next time you need a quick pick-me-up, try adding half a tablespoon of MCT oil powder to your favorite beverage.

Promotes healthy heart function – MCT oil contains healthy fats that can help support a healthy heart. Our MCT oil powder promotes healthy cardiovascular function and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range.

Supports a healthy digestive system – MCT oil powder is much easier to absorb and digest than MCT oil. Supplementing with MCT oil powder can support your digestive health and maintain a well-balanced gut flora.

Maintain healthy skin and hair
 – MCT oil powder contains powerful fatty acids that can nourish your skin and hair.

What’s so special about Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber?

It is a more versatile option than MCT oil – Because it comes in a convenient powder form, our MCT oil powder is much easier to add to recipes than regular MCT oil. It blends perfectly with liquids and adds a creamy texture to your favorite beverages. Plus, as a powder, it can be easily carried on the go.  

It is non-GMO and lab verified for cleanliness and purity – Some store-bought MCT oil powders are derived from genetically modified sources such as maltodextrin. But Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber is completely non-GMO. It is derived entirely from the highest quality, sustainably harvested coconuts from Singapore to ensure that you get the best MCT oil powder available. Our premium MCT oil powder is also thoroughly lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology. 

It contains plenty of prebiotic fiber** – Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil Powder contains up to 30% organic acacia fiber. Prebiotic fiber feeds the probiotics, or good bacteria, living in the gut, helping them thrive and work more efficiently. By nourishing your good gut bacteria, the prebiotic fiber in our premium MCT oil powder can support a healthy digestive system and immune system. 

It is made with clean, all-natural, high-quality ingredients – Many MCT oil products contain preservatives, sweeteners and other artificial substances that can undermine the health benefits MCTs provide. Other MCT oil products may have also been derived from palm kernel oil, which is cheaper, unhealthy and less sustainable. Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber contains none of the hidden sugars, starch or artificial sweeteners found in other MCT oil powders. It is also sustainably sourced from pure coconut oil, which is a much healthier source of MCTs than palm kernel oil.

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  • USDA Organic
  • Glyphosate tested
  • Kosher-Certified
  • Non-GMO
  • Laboratory-Verified
  • China-Free
  • Contains no gluten
  • Contains no major allergens

Serving size: 8g
Servings per container: 24

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil Powder, Organic Acacia Fiber
Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 50-70 °F with 50-70% humidity.
Product of USA



This product is verified A+++ based on glyphosate analysis standards published at

This means the product has been tested via triple quad mass spec (LS-MS-MS) and conforms to the glyphosate / AMPA limits required for an A+++ rating as described at



Low Heavy Metals Verified!

This product is verified A+++ according to the heavy metals standards published at 

This means the product has been tested via ICP-MS and confirmed to meet the limits for an A+++ rating as described at


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