Camp Stove - Kelly Kettle: Ultimate Stainless Steel Base Camp Kit - Holds 54 oz of Water

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Camp Stove - Kelly Kettle: Ultimate Stainless Steel Base Camp Kit - Holds 54 oz of Water

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The famous Irish Kelly Kettle has been an outdoor tradition for over 100 years. It is ideal for boiling and purifying water quickly and easily outdoors even in extreme weather conditions.


  • Never use your Kelly Kettle with the stopper inserted! 
  • Avoid filling water chamber to the very top as water will expand when heated and may overflow. 
  • Never hold the handle above the chimney when the kettle is lit as it can result in a burn. 
  • Always keep the children away from the kettle when in use - the kettle should only be used by Adults. 
  • Never use your Kettle when the water chamber is empty. 
  • After use, allow time for the Kettle to cool before storing away. 
  • Use surplus water to extinguish fire. 

The Kettle is not designed to be a water carrier. A few small leaks may occur at the rivet points or the bottom seam when new, however they will usually seal themselves after the number of uses.

When using your Kettle for the first time, boil some water and throw away to remove residual sealant.


1. Note: The stopper is to be used for transporting cold water. Remove protective stopper and fill up with water - do not boil water with stopper in place.

2. Fill base with combustible materials such as twigs, newspapers or dry grass. Then gently place the kettle on the base.

3.Light fire through the hole(s) inside of the base and face into wind for extra draft.

4. Insert additional fuel through the chimney (keep the twigs, etc).

5. When the water boils, use your two hands to grip the wire handle and hold it at an angle of 90 degrees to the main body of the kettle. Then lift the kettle clear of the base. NOTE: the wire handle will be cool to touch. (Please see picture 5 on image below).

6. Use handle and chain for pouring.

Each Ultimate Kit includes:

  • Base Camp Kelly Kettle (Stainless Steel Base Camp)  
  • 29 oz. cook pot with lid / frying pan
  • Pot gripper with lid lifter
  • 2 piece grill
  • Pot support
  • Large Hobo Stove
  • 2 Packable cups with Coolip™ lip protectors (Large cup 17 oz. – Small cup 12 oz.) 
  • 2 Packable Stainless Steel Plates
  • Carrying bag.

Product Dimensions:

  • Base Camp Kettle Height: 13 inches (Packed) 
  • Diameter: 7.3 inches (Widest Point at Rim of Base)
  • Capacity: 54 fl. oz./ 6.75 cups/ 1.6L 
  • Weight: 2.55 lbs 
  • Cook Pot Capacity: 29 oz. / 3.63 cups 
  • Cups Weight: 0.55 lbs. 
  • Plates Weight: 0.56 lbs.



  • Stainless Vs. Aluminum –
    • Stainless Steel is slightly heavier than Aluminum however; it is a stronger metal and therefore more resilient to dents.
    • The Aluminum kettle boils water slightly faster than its steel twin as Aluminum conducts heat faster than steel.
    • The Aluminum kettle is slightly cheaper than the Stainless Steel.
    • Since mid-2015, both Aluminium & Stainless Steel Kettles come with Stainless Steel fire-bases, which make both suitable for use with our Hobo Stove accessory. A steel base is more suitable to cooking than the aluminum base, as steel has a melting point almost twice that of aluminum.
    • The Hobo Stove should only be used with a Stainless Steel firebase due to its ability to endure the high temperatures.

  • Can the kettle be used to cook food over the chimney without water in the kettle?
    • NO NEVER ! Never put the kettle over a fire without having and keeping the water chamber at least two thirds full. We have seen people melt the inner chimney of their Aluminium Kettles when they used the kettle without water or, allowed it to boil dry. This will destroy the kettle and void the warranty. We have no reported cases (yet!) of anyone melting a steel kettle

  • Is it OK to leave water sitting in my kettle for long periods of time?
    • No. After use, empty out the remaining water and allow the inside of the water chamber to air-dry. So it is best to leave the stopper out of the spout when storing the kettle away.

  • Will I taste an aluminum or metallic taste to my water boiled in the kettle.
    • No. There will not be any “taste” off either metal.

  • Can my kettle be used to transport water in my backpack?
    • Per our instruction leaflets, the Kettle is not designed to be a water carrier. It has been designed to boil water extremely fast in all weather conditions using very little fuel. When filled with water, Kettles should always be carried upright. If filled with water and carried on their sides or upside down, leakage can sometimes occur from the chimney top which is not always perfectly watertight. So yes, so long as you carry it upright!

  • How is the kettle lifted on and off the firebase?
    • Using both hands, hold the wire handle at an angle of 90 degrees to the body of the kettle. The wire will be cool to touch once the kettle is used correctly on its base.
    • Lift the kettle straight up keeping the handle parallel to the ground. The weight of the kettle will ensure that the kettle remains upright and that no water will spill.
    • Once the kettle is clear of the base & flames, you can hold the handle in one hand directly over the chimney of the kettle and easily carry the water to wherever it is needed.
    • To pour the water, hold the handle in one hand and gently lift on the chain to pour.
    • Note: Never put your hands or lift the handle directly over the chimney of the kettle when the kettle is lit, as it can result in a burn.

  • Can I clean the inner chimney of my kettle?
    • Yes, if you so desire. Some tips and ideas are below.
    • On the Stainless Steel kettles some B.B.Q. cleaners are effective.
    • On Aluminum kettles we have found some marine aluminum boat cleaners work.
    • Other tips we have received from our customers, are spraying oven cleaner, or WD-40 on the inner chamber and letting it sit for a time, then wiping off with paper towels.
    • Note: Use only the appropriate cleaner for your kettle i.e. Aluminum or Stainless steel.  If you use a cleaner that is not suitable for the metal of your kettle, it may cause corrosion.

  • Can the Pot Support be used on my Small Trekker Kelly Kettle?
    • Yes. The Pot Support is universal, and will fit all sizes of the Kelly Kettle.

  • Can an alcohol burner be used with the Kelly Kettle?
    • Yes. Many alcohol burners can be used with the Kettle Kettle, however, you would need to check the dimensions to ensure that your burner fits into the base of one of our kettles.
    • Tip: When using your alcohol or gel burner, partially cover the chimney top of your Kelly Kettle with a flat stone to retain the heat, save fuel, and speed up boiling time!

  • Can I clean the water chamber of my Kelly Kettle?
    • Cleaning the water chamber is not necessary since everything becomes sterile when the water reaches its boiling point. However, it is possible to clean inisde the water chamber by using a small piece of a dishwasher tablet and boiling the kettle up. Rinse after use and you are good to go. 

  • Can I boil water in my kettle with the Orange Stopper inserted into the spout opening?
    • Always remove the stopper before boiling your kettle as you need the pressure from steam to escape.  The orange rubber stopper is only to be used to hold water in the kettle when you are transporting the water from a nearby stream or lake to your campsite.


    Return Policy: 

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases from Kelly Kettle USA. If you are unsatisfied with the product you purchased, you may return it within 30 days of your purchase date.
    Please look over and or test all products upon receipt. If you would like to return an unused product for a refund within 30 days of purchase, a 15% restocking fee will be applied. A 35% restocking fee will be applied to used  products that are returned within 30 days. Shipping costs will only be refunded if the return is a result of our error. If you return an order that originally received free shipping, the initial shipping expense will be deducted from the credit to your account.
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    All returned items will be inspected upon receipt to verify 1) their condition, and 2) that all components are included. Any product that is missing components will incur a charge for those missing items. For your protection, we recommend that you return the product using an insured shipping method. 

    Warranty: Ultimate Stainless Steel Base Camp Kit has guaranteed 2-year warranty on the manufacturing defects. 

    Important: Opened items are subject to a 20% restock fee upon return.

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