Bioscarf - Green

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Bioscarf - Green

The Bioscarf is the first functional and fashionable air filtration garment on the market. It combines the functional use of an air filtration mask with the fashionable versatility of a scarf.

The Bioscarf has been lab-verified at one of the FDA's premier testing facilities to filter out an average of 99.75% of all airborne particulates size 0.1 microns and larger. It can outperform many air pollution masks currently available on the market. This means it can help protect you and your family from many external particulates such as pneumonia, tobacco smoke, pollen and other airborne contaminants that not only cause allergies but can also be harmful to your health.

The Bioscarf is made from eco-friendly materials, yet the Bioscarf remains extremely soft and very warm – making it a must-have for cold weather.

  • Great for traveling
  • Functional, fashionable and eco-friendly
  • Provides protection all year round from pollution, airborne allergens, viruses and bacteria
  • Highly versatile methods of wearing the Bioscarf

The Bioscarf helps protect you from external threats such as:

  • Airborne pathogens
  • Smog 
  • Pneumonia
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Airborne pollutants
  • Pollen and dust
  • Animal dander 
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How to wear your Bioscarf?
There are several ways to wear your Bioscarf it really depends on your personal preference and use. The following information is to give you some ideas but please feel free to create your own styles.



How to care for your Bioscarf?
Every Bioscarf comes with a wash-n-care label attached to it. To get the maximum use and life out of your Bioscarf please follow the instructions.

Size: 84" x 9"


100% Polyester

Manufactured in China


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