Oxygen-Infused Body Oil - Grapefruit 4 oz. (118ml)

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Oxygen-Infused Body Oil - Grapefruit 4 oz. (118ml)

From face to feet, an all-over-the-body skin conditioner. The natural restorative esters of jojoba, lightly saturated with ozone to nourish the skin like no other.
Jojoba is cellular nourishment for your skin.

Suggested Use:
A full body skin conditioner, applied daily. O3 Essentials body oil may be used after a shower, under makeup, to soften dry areas of skin throughout the day, condition hair or for a great massage. A little goes a long way. Some gelling may occur in cooler temperatures. Shake or warm bottle as needed.

O3 Essentials Jojoba has a stable shelf life. As an ester, it does not go rancid.

USDA Certified Organic Jojoba with ozone-oxygen.
Organic Grapefruit Oil

No animal testing. No preservatives or coloring.

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