Veggimins High Vitamin D Powder 2oz

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Veggimins High Vitamin D Powder 2oz


It is a well known fact that Vitamin D plays an essential role in our immunity and overall health, and along with calcium, strengthens and protects our bones, joints, and teeth in a powerful way. Vitamin D is one of the unique nutrients that the human body actually synthesizes on its own within our very own skin tissue; the key is proper sun exposure. Due to a rise in sunscreen usage, and or/limited access to direct sunlight year round, Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise ­ despite an overall increase in supplementation.
Veggimins Vitamin D combines organic mushroom synthesized Vitamin D with Jerusalem artichoke powder for healthy joints and bones, cellular reproduction, strong memory and concentration, breast and prostate health, and warrior like immunity, naturally.
The Veggimins Difference
While most Vitamin D on the self is derived from lambs wool or by synthetic means, and is very hard for the body to fully metabolize, our vitamin D is sourced from nature, directly from organic mushrooms. When exposed to UV radiation, a naturally occurring compound called ergosterol within the mushroom acts as a vitamin precursor, and is converted directly into Vitamin D2. This action offers an uncanny similarity to what happens naturally within our own skin when exposed to sunlight. A daily dose of our "sunshine in a jar" ensures that your body receives the Vitamin D levels necessary for optimal health.
Directions: Take 1/4 tsp daily with our without food. Servings 
Per Container: 60
Allergy Info: Made in a facility which processes tree nuts & seeds, but no peanuts, soy, gluten or dairy.
Net Wt: 2 oz (57g)
The Veggimins Philosophy
At the root of Veggimins is our deep belief that food is our best medicine. When it comes to truly absorbing and utilizing macro and micro nutrients, synthetics and isolates hold nothing on the full spectrum power of whole plant­foods delivered directly to our cells from Mother Nature herself. We are simply designed that way.
Our range of whole food superfood supplements include synergistic blends of some of the planet's most nutrient dense and powerful foods ­ always organic, raw, and minimally processed to preserve the vital nutrition and life energy for maximum benefit to your body.
Why supplement at all; isn't eating a healthy, balanced diet enough?
The truth of the matter is that our planet's soils have been depleted on a mass scale, there are hundreds if not thousands of new pollutants in our environment that we are bombarded with every day, and as the pace of life increases, our stress levels rise right along with the number of things on our to­do lists; all of which can take a toll on our long term health. Our bodies need support; let Veggimins give you the nutritional boost you deserve.

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