Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3® (Chocolate)

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Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3® (Chocolate)
Naturally-Occurring Immune
Factors from Pasture-Fed Cows' Whey

Action Whey™ is made with BioCysteine3™, the finest non-denatured (whole protein), low temperature processed all natural whey protein concentrate. Derived from raw milk whey of pasture raised cows, BioCysteine3™ is pesticide free, chemical free, GMO free and rBGH free, yielding the highest biological value and best whey protein. Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3™ contains the same full spectrum of immune-supporting components naturally found in human breast milk - responsible for providing newborns with their immune defense: Immunoglobulins, Beta-lactoglobulins, Glycomacropeptides, and Lactoferrin. Ounce for ounce, BioCysteine3™ contains 3 to 4 times the level of immune factors found in fresh raw milk from grass-fed cows.

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