FlaxJoy™ Cravings Buster (Chocolate)

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FlaxJoy™ Cravings Buster (Chocolate)

1 x FlaxJoy™ Organic Instant Flax Milk Powder 14oz (396g)
1 x Organic Apple Peel Powder 8oz (227g)
1 x Organic Rice Bran Fiber 8oz (227g)
1 x Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3® (Chocolate) 12oz (345g)

FlaxJoy™ Organic Instant Flax Milk Powder 14oz (396g)

Looking for a healthier replacement for processed cow's milk? FlaxJoy Organic Instant Flax Milk Powder is the perfect substitute. Packed with health-supporting nutrients with no lactose or saturated fat, FlaxJoy is a delicious and guilt-free alternative.

Tasty, creamy, and versatile -- this is the milk alternative everyone can enjoy. Whether you're allergic to gluten and just want a glass of delicious, non-dairy milk, or are an exercise enthusiast in need  of plant-based nutrients to enhance your post-workout strategy, FlaxJoy™ Organic Instant Flax Milk Powder is the instant choice.

Organic Apple Peel Powder 8oz (227g)

Apple peels are the "superfood" part of every apple, and they make a powerful nutritional addition to any recipe. Use this delicious powder to naturally enhance the flavor of smoothies, sweeten tea, spice up your morning oatmeal or as a delicious addition to jams and jellies. Mix with organic fruits of all kinds for a natural snack.

Health Ranger Select Organic Apple Peel Powder is USDA certified organic and lab-tested for pesticides and heavy metals. It's made entirely without synthetic chemicals, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives of any kind (it's simply 100% organic apple peel grown in Canada).

The perfect "superfood" powder -- even for kids' recipes and smoothies -- our organic apple peel powder is rich in healthy polyphenols and flavonoids. It’s a great source of vitamin C and A, and it's 100% sourced from Canada (nothing from China).

Organic Rice Bran Fiber 8oz (227g)

Health Ranger Select Organic Rice Bran Fiber is the perfect minimally-processed, efficient source of dietary fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients. Rice Bran Fiber offers outstanding support for gastrointestinal health. And because it's derived from the most nutritious part of each rice grain, it offers a wealth of nutritional benefits:

  • Low glycemic index
  • Practically allergen-free: no nuts, peanuts, gluten, shellfish, eggs, dairy, wheat, or soy ever touches it
  • Hypoallergenic source of plant protein
  • A source of Inositol, Phosphorous, Vitamins E and B3, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium

Our rice brain fiber has a pleasant, mild flavor that goes with everything from smoothies to soups, cereals and even baked goods, so it's easy to incorporate into your meals. And because it's certified organic, non-GMO and made in the USA using rice from pristine rice paddies in Thailand, you can feel great about making it part of your daily nutritional plan!

Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3® (Chocolate) 12oz (345g)

Action Whey™ is made with BioCysteine3™, the finest non-denatured (whole protein), low temperature processed all natural whey protein concentrate. Derived from raw milk whey of pasture raised cows, BioCysteine3™ is pesticide free, chemical free, GMO free and rBGH free, yielding the highest biological value and best whey protein. Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3™ contains the same full spectrum of immune-supporting components naturally found in human breast milk - responsible for providing newborns with their immune defense: Immunoglobulins, Beta-lactoglobulins, Glycomacropeptides, and Lactoferrin. Ounce for ounce, BioCysteine3™ contains 3 to 4 times the level of immune factors found in fresh raw milk from grass-fed cows.

BioCysteine3™ contains a unique and powerful bonded cysteine compound that is highly bioactive in its ability to increase Glutathione production. Glutathione is the body's master antioxidant, a potent immune system enhancer and a vital key to wellness. Higher Glutathione levels have been proven in clinical studies to increase average lifespan and overall quality of life.

FlaxJoy™ Cravings Buster Recipe

1 scoop FlaxJoy™ Organic Instant Flax Milk Powder 
1 scoop Organic Apple Peel Powder
1 scoop Organic Rice Bran Fiber 
1 scoop Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3® (Chocolate) 
4 cups of water

Blend and enjoy!

*Each scoop is approx 4 grams

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