Impulse EMF Meter - Electromagnetic Field Detector

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Impulse EMF Meter / Electromagnetic Field Detector

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  • Can be used by Professional Home Inspectors and Consumers
  • Visual and audio alarms for excessive levels
  • 5 sensor combination allows you to pinpoint the sources
  • Easy to understand color display
  • Pre installed thresholds for EMF levels

Since electromagnetic fields are not perceptible to the human eye, with the help of Impulse EMF Meter, one can safeguard their family from potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields that are nearby. If you’re within the proximity of big cities, airports, manufacturing plants, electric plants or research facilities, you may be near an electromagnetic field.


  • 3 magnetic sensors for magnetic fields
  • 2 electric field sensors
  • Measurement time: 2 samples/second
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous use
  • 2 AAA batteries or mini USB port

With the Impulse EMF Meter, analysis of harmful electromagnetic fields in residential areas, offices and PCs are made possible. Furthermore, the device comes in handy while trying to locate the position of concealed electrical wiring behind walls. This tool is indispensable when it comes to appraising the safety quotient of a location.

To test the performance of the Impulse EMF Meter switchover to different measurement modes using the button “Right”. In the device there are 4 display modes of the results:

    • Indoor Electromagnetic fields (indoors/living area) – Searching for a perfect room to put a bed or a crib? The results of the measurements are compared to the norms of the living areas. If you’re dealing with constant headaches, you maybe near an electromagnetic field. This product helps you answer that question.
    • Outdoor Electromagnetic fields (backyard/patio/community/housing zones) – Before you buy your new house, check to see if there are any electromagnetic fields. The results of the measurements are compared to the norms of the housing zones.
    • Electromagnetic field of electronics – Use this on any household appliance. PCs, cellphones and TVs produce fields, but how much of a field? The results of the measurements are compared to the norms for personal computers.
    • Overview – you can see numerical indicators in this mode. Note that in this mode there is no comparison to the norms and the text message about going over the norms is not displayed on the screen.

The Impulse EMF Meter is equipped with two antenna sensors for measurement of electric field along X and Y axis and with three sensors for magnetic field measurements along X, Y, and Z axes. The axes correspond to the axes of three-dimensional orthogonal coordinate system. The figure displays the location of the axes with relation to the instrument image. 

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