Colloidal Silver Mouthwash & Gargle (with Iodine and Zinc) 12oz (354ml) (3-Pack)

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Health Ranger Select Colloidal Silver Mouthwash & Gargle (with iodine and zinc) 12oz (354ml)

Health Ranger Select Colloidal Silver Mouthwash & Gargle is a silver and herb-based solution for supporting optimal oral health. You won’t find GMOs, alcohol, fluoride, aspartame or any harmful chemicals in our premium formula. Instead, our mouthwash and gargle solution utilizes a variety of potent, all-natural and lab-verified ingredients that promote optimal oral health and hygiene, such as colloidal silver, iodine, zinc, essential oils, myrrh, black walnut hulls and more.

Health Ranger Select Colloidal Silver Mouthwash & Gargle is guaranteed to have a minimum of 20 ppm nanoscale silver particles. It is made in USA and lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

What’s in Health Ranger Select Colloidal Silver Mouthwash & Gargle?**

Colloidal silver – Colloidal silver is created by suspending pure elemental silver in distilled water using a method called electrolysis. Through this process, you get a liquid-suspended silver that offers a wide spectrum of benefits. The key ingredient in our breakthrough mouthwash and gargle formula, colloidal silver possesses natural cleansing properties that can help you maintain optimal oral health and hygiene. According to a study from the International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology, silver can help protect your mouth against external threats.

Texas rainwater – Our colloidal silver is suspended in premium Texas rainwater, a completely renewable resource. This rainwater is harvested from the rural areas of Texas, away from possible pollution in the cities, so you can be sure of its cleanliness and purity.

Iodine – Iodine is an essential mineral that facilitates a wide range of bodily processes, including supporting the growth of strong and healthy teeth. An important trace mineral for human health, iodine has been used to support optimal dental health for over a century. Due to iodine's oral health-supporting properties, we’ve formulated our premium mouthwash and gargle solution with high-quality iodine.

Zinc gluconate – Zinc is a naturally occurring trace element that can greatly benefit your overall health and well-being. According to a review that appeared in the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association, zinc plays an important role in maintaining good oral health. That's why we’ve included zinc gluconate, a highly efficient form of zinc, in our premium mouthwash and gargle formula.

Peppermint essential oil – In ancient times, people chewed on peppermint leaves to support oral health. Today, peppermint oil is one of the most useful essential oils for promoting great dental health and hygiene. Known for its cooling effect and refreshing aroma, peppermint oil is made by steam distilling the fresh aerial parts of its namesake plant. Peppermint oil possesses potent cleansing properties that can help keep your teeth fresh and clean. Since it is very effective at supporting oral health, peppermint oil is a common addition to many homemade toothpastes and mouthwash formulas.

Tea tree essential oil – Just like peppermint oil, tea tree oil is a highly versatile essential oil with a multitude of uses. Also known as melaleuca, tea tree oil can naturally cleanse and soothe your gums and promote your body's natural healing abilities. Tea tree oil has long been used as a natural remedy for bad breath, making it an excellent choice for a natural mouthwash ingredient.

Clove essential oil – Clove is a potent spice that contains the compound eugenol, which is particularly useful for supporting good oral health. For centuries, chewing on raw cloves has been a traditional remedy for minor toothaches. Clove essential oil has also been used in dentistry for just as long. Diluted clove oil can be massaged directly onto the gums to support good oral health and hygiene.

Menthol – Another common ingredient in toothpaste, mouthwash formulas and other oral hygiene products, menthol crystals possess the concentrated properties of mint, including its signature scent and cooling effect. Extracted from mint leaves, menthol is known to support fresh breath and good dental hygiene. Menthol also provides our premium mouthwash and gargle formula with a refreshing flavor and a wonderfully rejuvenating aroma.

Black walnut hulls – Black walnut hulls have long been recognized as incredibly effective at supporting healthy, glowing skin, and they’re just as great for your gums. For decades, people have used black walnut hulls to promote dental health. They help cleanse your teeth and gums while supporting your body's natural healing abilities. Black walnut hulls also contain plenty of essential minerals, such as iodine, magnesium, iron and calcium, all of which play important roles in supporting good oral health.

Prickly ash bark – The prickly ash tree is considered to be one of the best Ayurvedic medicinal plants for supporting oral health. Chewing on the bark of this tree is a traditional remedy for soothing minor toothaches, which is why it has earned the title of "Toothache Tree." Prickly ash bark also contains potent alkaloids and volatile oils that can support optimal dental health.

Myrrh – Myrrh is a sap-like substance extracted from the Commiphora myrrha tree. Because it can help support healthy gums and promote your body’s natural ability to heal, myrrh can be found in a variety of fluoride-free oral care products.

Stevia – Stevia leaf extract is often used as a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Because stevia leaf extract can be 200–350x sweeter than sugar, we only need a small amount of stevia to give our mouthwash a pleasant taste. Unlike other sweeteners, stevia is also tooth-friendly since it does not produce acids that corrode the teeth.

Xylitol – Xylitol is a low-glycemic, low-calorie sugar alcohol that has the ability to protect your teeth against external threats. Xylitol is often recommended by dental experts to support healthy teeth. According to a study published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry, xylitol shows great potential in promoting good oral health.

Learn more about Colloidal Silver Mouthwash & Gargle (with Iodine and Zinc)!

  • Glyphosate Tested
  • Made in the USA
  • No fluoride
  • No aspartame
  • No alcohol
  • Laboratory Verified
Ingredients: Colloidal Silver (Rainwater, Silver), Xylitol, Zinc Gluconate, Myrrh, Black Walnut Hulls, Stevia, Prickly Ash Bark, Peppermint Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Iodine
Product of USA

Directions: Shake well before using. Use 1 tablespoon once or twice daily. Swish for 30 seconds. For best results, brush your teeth before using the mouthwash. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing. 
**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any diseases.

This product is verified A+++ based on glyphosate analysis standards published at
This means the product has been tested via triple quad mass spec (LS-MS-MS) and conforms to the glyphosate / AMPA limits required for an A+++ rating as described at
 Low Heavy Metals Verified!
This product is verified A+++ according to the heavy metals standards published at
This means the product has been tested via ICP-MS and confirmed to meet the limits for an A+++ rating as described at
Customer Reviews

Love this! Buying more.

I got this for my son who has cavity and other teeth issues. It's been working well so far. He likes the taste so he will use it, unlike other rinses. Thanks!


I accidentally wrote my first review under the other mouthwash. This one is absolutely the best. I had a very stubborn gum infection despite regularly flossing, brushing rinsing, and regular checkups and cleanings 2x per year. etc Ths mouthwash took car of it within 2-3 days. The silver iodine and Zinc killed whatever it was and began the healing process. I still rinse with salt water to prepare the gums before my final rinse with this. Thanks for such an EXCELLENT product!!!!!

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