Himalayan Crystal Salt Lick with Trace Minerals for Animals and Pets

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Note: Consult with your Veterinarian regarding any health issues your animal may have before introducing the salt lick into their daily diet.


This 100% natural salt lick is made entirely from pink Himalayan Crystal Salt. This is exactly the same as the salt lamps and tea lights we also sell. It's also identical to pink Himalayan Crystal Salt for human consumption.

It comes with a hole drilled through the center of the block, plus a natural fiber rope to tie it to a fence post or other object. It's best to keep the salt lick off the ground, tying it at the natural "snout height" of the animals you're buying it for.

The perfect gift for pets and animals! I feed this to my Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and they love it! This natural Himalayan Crystal Salt lick lasts 5 x longer than typical "pressed" salt licks you find at feed stores.

Perfectly safe for wildlife, pets and all land animals. There is no risk of animals consuming "too much" salt, as they will lick it to get only the amount they need, and then they will stop licking it until they need more minerals.

Contains 84+ trace minerals including selenium, zinc, magnesium and more. Keep it out of the rain, as rain will dissolve away the salt over time.

As all ranchers know, mineral deficiencies cause chronic disease in animals, including dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, cows and everything else. Eliminating mineral deficiencies through salt licks prevents numerous diseases in animals and creates healthier, stronger animals. (This is common knowledge across the farming and ranching industries.)

A smart preparedness item

Our Himalayan crystal salt licks are a smart preparedness item because they can be used in a multitude of ways, including providing a source of salt for human consumption and food preservation.


These salt licks have already been "on the shelf" so to speak for millions of years. As long as you keep them dry, they have a shelf life far beyond a human lifespan. Remember: They have been buried under billions of tons of rock and dirt for millions of years. They will do just fine sitting on your shelf. This makes them a smart way to store a valuable survival item.


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