Cayenne Fruit Tincture 2 oz (6-Pack)

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Cayenne Fruit Tincture 2 oz (6-Pack)

The only ingredients are organic grain alcohol, distilled water and organic cayenne.

Time to get the blood flowing!

Cayenne is currently one of the most widely used herbs, yet many of its benefits and potential uses remain outside the realm of the general public and also that of many practitioners. It is certainly an important herb to learn about since many western herbalists rate it as the most important herb to know. 

One of the greatest benefits of cayenne is its ability to increase circulation. With heart disease in its many forms representing among the top three causes of death in our modern society, knowing how to consistently improve circulation is essential for any individual or health care practitioner. In order to truly benefit from this magical herb we must first learn how to use or administer it and for some, that can take a little getting used to. Basically the only effective way of taking cayenne is in the mouth. In this manner you will get results, not only with cayenne but also with any other herb you use it in conjunction with. Taking cayenne in the mouth causes your body’s circulation to spring into action in a dramatic way sending fresh blood to the areas of your body that most need it. Since many disease states involve poor circulation and in many cases stagnation of bodily fluids, the use of cayenne can have potent results in aiding a wide range of health complaints.

Organic Cayenne (Capsicum annuum) 
35,000 HU

Base Composition: Organic Grain Alcohol, Distilled Water


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