5-HTP Powder 0.7 oz (20 g) (3-Pack)

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Chief Originals® 5-HTP Powder 0.7 oz (20 g) (3-Pack)

Also known as oxitriptan, 5-HTP is a naturally-occurring amino acid that supports your body’s overall health and well-being. 5-HTP is best known for its ability to naturally elevate your mood and support normal sleep patterns. This is because 5-HTP plays a crucial role in your body’s natural production of the compounds serotonin and melatonin. 

The Health Ranger Store is proud to introduce our new Chief Originals® 5-HTP Powder. Extracted from the seed of the Griffonia simplicifolia plant, our premium Chief Originals® 5-HTP Powder delivers pure 5-HTP to support a positive mood and promote deep and restful sleep.

Chief Originals® 5-HTP Powder contains no gluten or GMOs. It is also vegan, certified Kosher and is lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

Health benefits of 5-HTP**

Supports a healthy sleep cycle – Melatonin is considered a natural sleep aid. Having adequate levels of this hormone promotes deep and restful sleep, whereas having insufficient levels is linked to poor sleep quality. Supplementing with 5-HTP can help you maintain melatonin levels within the normal range. It also supports healthy sleep patterns.

Uplifts your mood – Serotonin is your body’s natural feel-good chemical. If you have low levels of serotonin, you may be more prone to experiencing depressed and anxious feelings. Fortunately, 5-HTP is a natural precursor to serotonin. This means that supplementing with 5-HTP can naturally elevate your mood and help reduce anxious feelings.

Promotes healthy brain function – A study published in the journal European Neurology reported that supplementing with 5-HTP can aid healthy cognitive function. 5-HTP promotes the production of serotonin, which performs vital functions in your brain. By helping you maintain optimal serotonin levels, 5-HTP can support healthy brain function.

Supports sensible weight management plans – According to a study published in the Journal of Neural Transmission, 5-HTP can promote feelings of fullness. This means that 5-HTP can support reasonable weight management goals, especially when accompanied by a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. 

How to use 5-HTP powder**

Chief Originals® 5-HTP Powder can easily be added to your favorite shakes, smoothies, teas, juices and other beverages. Here are a few suggestions for maximizing your intake of 5-HTP powder:

For a good night’s sleep, simply take 200 mg of 5-HTP powder 30-45 minutes before going to bed. For best results, pair it with a high-quality Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) supplement and valerian root. 

To support a positive mood, take 50-100 mg of 5-HTP powder three times a day with your meals. You can also take it alongside either an L-tyrosine supplement or vitamin B6.

If you want to achieve sensible weight management goals, take 250 mg of 5-HTP powder 30 minutes before a meal. It is best consumed with green tea or beverages rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).  

NOTE: Consult your naturopathic physician or healthcare provider to optimize your 5-HTP intake.

Explore More About Chief Originals® 5-HTP Powder!

  • Glyphosate Tested
  • Kosher certified
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Laboratory Verified
  • Gluten-Free

Ingredients: 100% 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP from Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract)

Servings per Container: 100

Serving Size: 0.2g (1/8 tsp)

Note: When starting a new supplement, we recommend talking with your licensed health care professional, naturopath, or herbalist to ensure your new supplement will not have any interactions with your current medications, supplements or underlying conditions.

This material naturally absorbs moisture from the air. Seal and refrigerate after each use to avoid moisture absorption. 

Country of Origin: Ghana



 This product is verified A+++ based on glyphosate analysis standards published at www.GlyphosateTested.com.

This means the product has been tested via triple quad mass spec (LS-MS-MS) and conforms to the glyphosate / AMPA limits required for an A+++ rating as described at www.GlyphosateTested.com.


Low Heavy Metals Verified!

This product is verified A+++ according to the heavy metals standards published at www.LowHeavyMetalsVerified.org 

This means the product has been tested via ICP-MS and confirmed to meet the limits for an A+++ rating as described at LowHeavyMetalsVerified.org.




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