Balanced Minerals 90 count (tablet)
Balanced Minerals 90 count (tablet) Balanced Minerals 90 count (tablet) Balanced Minerals 90 count (tablet)

Balanced Minerals 90 count (tablet)

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Balanced Minerals
"MegaFood is my No. 1 choice for food-based nutrition in a vitamin format. Where cheap, common multivitamins deliver nothing but chemicals and rocks, MegaFood delivers actual food-based nutrients that are chemically 'organic' in form, making them impressively bioavailable and easy to digest. These are full-spectrum nutrients, not chemical vitamins, and they're all completely non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and completely free of pesticides and herbicides. MegaFood is the brand of vitamins and multivitamins that I take daily. In fact, all vitamins should be made the MegaFood way!" - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Nourish • Strengthen • Replenish*
  • Provides nutritional support for normal bone development, muscle function, reproduction, and metabolism*
  • Balanced spectrum of FoodState minerals in their safest and most bioavailable form
  • Organic herbs provide synergistic trace minerals
  • Naturally buffered
  • Easy to digest even on an empty stomach
  • Non-GMO 

  • Vegetarian
  • Tested FREE of pesticides, herbicides, gluten and soy
Certified Gluten Free by QAI
Other Ingredients: Plant Cellulose, Silica, Vegetable Lubricant [It is used to prevent the material from adhering to the equipment. This is much like one uses vegetable oil or wax paper to prevent a cake from sticking to the pan (derived from Palm).]
Suggested Use: 3 tablet daily. May be taken anytime throughout the day, even on an empty stomach.
FoodState Nutrients™ are made with fresh and local foods. Crafted with our Slo-Food Process™, they deliver the most authentic nourishment available, which we believe the body recognizes as 100% whole food.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.
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