Enerhealth Herbal Medicine Cabinet (Basic)
Enerhealth Herbal Medicine Cabinet (Basic) Enerhealth Herbal Medicine Cabinet (Basic)

Enerhealth Herbal Medicine Cabinet (Basic)

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"This 14-item herbal medicine chest is a tremendous value in home remedies and emergency first aid. It contains high potency herbs for the most common ailments and health complaints, packaged at a significant discount compared to purchasing each individual herb separately. A must-have item for any natural living home or for people practicing preparedness. These tinctures have a VERY long term shelf life (5+ years), making them a great investment in health and preparedness." - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


The Basic Herbal Medicine Cabinet is a basic selection of single herbs & herbal remedies designed to treat common aliments.  This is perfect for anyone beginning their herbal remedy medicine chest.

This is the Basic herbal medicine cabinet designed for the minimal needs.  Check out the Intermediate and Advanced for more complete offerings.

This Cabinet Contains:

Gum Health
Heart Support
Honey n’ Propolis Throat Spray
Lung Renewal
Nettles Decongesting
Pain Away
Relax & De-Stress
Sleep Right
Cough Calming Syrup
Trauma Response Oil
Anti-Bacterial Salve

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