Essential Herbal Survival Pack

Essential Herbal Survival Pack

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"Here's a solid collection of the 10 most common herbs for preparedness and survival. High potency formulations and a very long shelf life (5+ years) make this a must-have item for any prepper or natural living family. An excellent value. You'll be very happy with the potency of these herbs." - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


Herbs have been used for centuries and were here well before modern medicine.  These 10 essential survival Herbal Remedies are crucial for your Survival Gear.  Great for a variety of situation from cuts & scrapes to parasites to immune health. 

10 Herbal Remedies When You Need Them The Most
  • Anti Microbial Salve
  • Anti Fungal Herbal Remedy
  • Parasite Purge Herbal Remedy
  • Honey 'n Propolis Throat Spray
  • Daily Immune support
  • Bladder Cleanse Herbal Remedy
  • Trauma Response Oil
  • EchinOsha Anti Viral Herbal Remedy
  • Sleep Right Herbal Remedy
  • Relax-De Stress Herbal Remedy
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