Mixed Baby Greens Pack

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SUPER-NUTRIENT: Mixed Baby Greens Pack 
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Designed specifically for the Natural News Supply Source Mini-Farm Grow-Box
This Mini-Farm seed pack is loaded with nutrients available to your family in as little as 2 weeks, indoors or out!
Baby Greens supply many times the nutrient content of fully grown leafy greens and you can harvest them in 14 days!  
Scientists have verified 4-5 times the available Vitamin C, E and Beta Carotene in baby greens compared with fully grown greens. 
The Heirloom Organics SUPER-NUTRIENT Baby Greens Pack is the perfect companion pack for the Mini-Farm Brow-Box. It has 6 varieties of highly-nutritious vegetables for edible greens and can be grown in your window, year-round or outside in direct sunlight.
Contains:  Mixed, 3 oz. Total: Beet Greens, Collard Greens, Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Turnip Greens, Radish Greens. About 1/2 oz of each. The natural seed life varies from 1 to 4 years for highest germination rate. Now as far as sheer numbers the count is approximately 27,570 seeds. They are very small and the number of seeds can vary in an ounce because of the size so there could be between 600-1200 seeds in an ounce of lettuce. How long they last depends on how big your family is and how often you plant.



for Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Systems

 The SUPER-NUTRIENT Baby Greens Pack is a versatile companion to the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Systems providing food production at all stages of growth. You can harvest in 1-2 weeks as micro-greens, 2-6 weeks as baby greens or 6-12 weeks as fully mature greens. You can easily have 3 or more Mini-Farm Grow Systems at different stages of growth for constant harvest, indoors year-round or outside in full sun. 
Seed types:
  • LETTUCE  -White rice like seeds.
  • RADISH - Pale beige egg shaped seeds. 
  • COLLARDS - Black spheres seeds.  
  • BEET - Yellow/brown kernel seeds. 
  • MUSTARD - Dark reddish seeds  
  • TURNIP - Dark kernel seeds. 


First you want to decide what you want to grow, micro-greens, baby greens, fully-grown greens, or all 3! This will determine how many seeds you want to plant per container. If you choose to grow all 3, you can either plant in 3 separate grow-systems or plant for 3 stages of harvest in 1 grow system.


If you are planting exclusively to grow micro-greens, with a 2-4 week harvest cycle, you will use the highest number seeds per square inch of soil space.

Since micro-greens are harvested very small, crowding them is desired. If you are growing exclusively for micro-greens plant your seeds almost touching each other in an even layer.


When your micro-greens are 1-2 weeks old they are ready for harvest. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut patches to use in salads or other dishes. Don’t cut all the way down to the base because there are new sprouts ready to follow the

ones you are cutting and you don’t want to cut their shoots! Continue allowing new shoots to come up and harvest when ready. Your micro-greens patches

will last for many cuttings.


When planting for baby greens (2-6 week harvest cycle) you will want to use less seeds per square inch than with micro-greens. Leave about 2 seeds width between seeds in your planting medium. So imagine you put down 1 seed, then count 2 widths of that seed before you put down another seed. So the frequency of seeds is about half that of micro-greens.


In about 2-3 weeks your baby greens will be ready for harvest. Just use scissors and be careful not to cut into the greens you aren’t harvesting! DO cut all the way to the bottom of the baby green, making sure not to cut any new shoots coming up. 


If you are planting exclusively for fully-grown greens (6-12 week harvest cycle) you will want to plant only 4-8 seeds per container, depending on the container size. You will want the seeds about half an inch apart or more, depending on how large you want them to be when you harvest.


Between 6-12 weeks your fully-grown greens will be ready for harvest. Use scissors or pruning shears and trim at the base of the stem. Leaving any stem sends energy to the partial stem instead of growing leaves new shoots. Harvest until your greens are used and plant again!


You might decide to plant for 3 stages of harvest in 1 grow-system. If you choose to do this, plant seeds closely together as instructed for micro-greens.


In 1-2 weeks you can start harvesting micro-greens. Use scissors and be careful not to cut new shoots by cutting half way up the stem. You can harvest the entire patch this way, leaving the “undergrowth” for baby greens. Wait another 1-3 weeks for your newer shoots to turn into baby greens and begin harvesting by carefully cutting at the base of each green. Leave every 3rd plant to grow into fully-grown greens in another few weeks! Harvest as needed.


If you are using your Mini-Farm Grow System indoors you will want to find a place close to a window with as much direct sunlight as possible This becomes more important in later stages of harvest. Micro-greens require a little sun, baby greens more sun, and fully-grown greens the most sun. Depending on the amount of sun you have available, you may need to add as much as 20% to your time-to-harvest growing indoors.


If you are growing exclusively outside, with good access to sun, you might shorten your time-to-harvest by as much as 20% from the instructions given.

Baby greens and fully-grown greens benefit a great deal from direct sunlight, producing chlorophyll in greater quantities, more rapidly. If you are in a change of seasons and moving your Grow Systems outside during the day, be sure not to leave them out at night in danger of low temperatures. This can dramatically slow the growth of the delicate young seedlings or even kill them.


Planning is the key to harvesting the most food from your grow system. Work backwards from what you want your family to be eating and plan accordingly.

Whether you are supplementing other home-grown foods, store-bought foods or even stored foods, the Mini-Farm Grow System with the SUPER-NUTRIENT Baby Greens Pack can supply most of the fresh-food nutrients your family needs to be healthy and happy. For an average family of four, having 4-8 grow systems running at various stages of growth provides continual harvest of high-nutrient greens for your table.

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