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Rawmio Almond Superfood Spread - 6oz

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Rawmio Almond Superfood Spread - 6oz
Rawmio Almond Superfood Spread - 6oz

Rawmio Almond Superfood Spread - 6oz

The journey begins with a base of the finest raw almonds, cashews and hemp seeds stone-ground to perfection. Sprouted chia seeds, goji berries, and a pinch of Himalayan salt are added for a potent boost of superfood nutrition. Nourish your body while enlightening your taste buds with the perfect combination of powerful nutrition, sultry texture, and decadent taste. Dig in and bliss out!

**Now keto-friendly!**

Lovely on: fruits, berries, crepes, ice cream, or right out of the jar.

Ingredients: *Raw Almonds, Raw Cashews*, Hemp Seed *, Goji Berries *, Chia Seeds *, Himalayan pink salt

*Certified Organic

 "This spread is very smooth and silky, with small pieces of almonds the size of half a grain of rice. With hints of nuts and sweetness from the goji berries, this makes for a perfect spread, or even dip, that goes with so many foods."  ~ Wendy, Customer Service
 "I will be honest, I am not usually a fan of almond butter, but this almond butter is splendid. I could eat an entire jar in one sitting! It has a nice mixture of flavors. I love that it has the subtle but pleasant goji berry flavor, because nuts and berries really do compliment each other very well. It would be a perfect and healthy choice for use in PB&J sandwiches." 
 ~ Colleen, Customer Service

Customer Reviews

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This is smooth and flavorful! I use it on everything from apples to oatmeal; great to drizzle over smoothie bowls too!

That is truly wonderful to hear!

Great treat!

I love this product!!! It's perfect anytime but I really love it for an evening snack when I need a protein pick-me-up that satisfies the craving for something nutty, crunchy, and creamy!!! Delicious!!!

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Yummy with little surprise textures

Delicious and top shelf nut butter mixture with little crunchy bits and lots of different flavors compared to most nut butters. love it!

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Rusty Shackleford
Peanut butter chocolate sandwich

This goes on one piece of toast, and the chocolate rawmio spread goes on the the other.... do it

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Great Superfood

Tastes Great! Will purchase again 🙂👍

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