Urban Window Garden Pack for $159

Urban Window Garden Pack for $159

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Urban Window Garden Pack for $159 only
(Savings: $38)

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Currently, our orders have a 30 day lead time. Seeds are shipping in volume every day, however the extreme demand has produced this backlog. We are doing everything we can to bring this lead time down over the next 30 days. 

Heirloom Organics Urban Preparedness Packages are designed by expert "Square Foot Gardeners" to supply maximum nutritional output in limited or no-space locations, limited access to light and with a priority on rapid food production. Now city dwellers and space-challenged families can share some of the security of home food production enjoyed by those in the country and even the suburbs.

The URBAN WINDOW GARDEN is a complete City and Small-Space food security seed package. This package includes the a Complete MicroGreens Kit (Food in 1-2 weeks) and a Fresh Sprouts Pack for the shortest range food production (2-5 days) and the City SurvivalSeed Vault, a comprehensive Small-Space gardening solution for the ultimate urban food preparedness
  • 1 City Survival Seed Vault $39
  • 1 Complete MicroGreens Kit $79
  • 1 Fresh Sprouts Vault $79

Total Price $ 197
Sale Price: $159
Savings: $38

City Survival Seed Vault

Food Security for small spaces. Don't wait for an emergency! Growing a SURVIVAL GARDEN indoors, in windows, on balconies and rooftops is easier than you think and it just might be your best chance! Our EXPERT Square Foot Gardeners designed the CITY SURVIVAL Seed Vault with the perfect seeds for small space food production.


  • 100% Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Made-in-USA Heirloom Seeds for City & Urban Survival Gardening


  • 21 Varieties, over 21,000 seeds, specially designed for food security in small spaces.
  • Provides up to DOUBLE the shelf-life of other seeds (7+ years) USDA developed moisture reduction method for long-term storage.
  • Highest SEED COUNT for the money
  • Selected by EXPERTS for small-space/low-light
  • Sealed in Air-tight BUCKETS, not leaky cans
  • Freshest seeds from this year's harvest
  • Full EXPERT instructions for maximum success
  • 100% American grown, Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid

How our experts designed your VAULT


  • Many leafy greens that require little light & space and can be harvested within weeks if not days of planting SUPERFOOD
  • Varieties high in Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Beta Carotene, and other vital nutrients.
  • Varieties that are nutrient dense with strong flavors providing the best in taste and health benefits
  • Varieties that can be grown inside, on tables, in windows, on balconies, rooftops, fire-escapes, walls, even ceilings
  • Varieties that can be eaten quickly and at all staged of growth: Micro-Greens, Baby Veg. and full-grown
  • HUGE seed count for extra security. Some patriot suppliers talk big but deliver small amounts of seed


Complete MicroGreens Kit

Microgreens Have Up to 40 Times More Vital Nutrients Than Mature Plants. 

  • 2 Greenhouse Trays with Clear Dome-Tops

Using a dome-topped seed greenhouse produces higher yield from your seed by creating a perfect "microclimate" for seed germination
Seed Tray Dimension: 6.5" x 9"Lx 4.5"

  • 4 MicroGreens GrowMats

Compostable Organic GrowMats provide a clean, fool-proof growing medium for maximum success with MicroGreens, No need for the mess and space need of soil! When used with Heirloom Organics MicoGreens Nutrients and Greenhouse Trays you will achieve bountiful success!
SeedMat Dimensions: 9" x 6.5" x 1/8"

In a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Scientists analyzed 25 different MicroGreens for nutritional content.

"Because microgreens are harvested right after germination, all the nutrients they need to grow are there. If they are harvested at the right time they are very concentrated with nutrients, and the flavor and texture is also good."
- Professor Quin Wang, PHD, University of Maryland

Scientists found highly elevated levels of Vitamins C, A, K1, E and antioxidants. In some cases up to 40 times the concentration of fully grown vegetables.


The Fresh Sprouts Pack

100 % Organic Alfalfa and Clover Sprouting seed (2LB each)

Heirloom Organics Fresh Sprouts Pack of sprouting seeds are the nutrient rich compact food source you need for today's health and for concentrated food storage in case of extended economic downturn. All our sprouting seeds are 100% organic and packaged for both long-term storage and immediate use! From storage to table in 3 days! You cant’ beat that for super nutrient-rich, highly storable food with the benefit of freshness! Sprouts are rich in digestible energy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, beneficial enzymes. These nutrients are essential for human health.


Alfalfa sprouts have a light, crunchy taste and are loaded with nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and Vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Perhaps the most versatile of all sprouts, they are perfect in salads, sandwiches and many other types of raw creations. Seeds will produce a good quantity of delicious sprouts in approximately 5-6 days with regular care.

Red Clover

Red Clover sprouts have a mild and slightly sweet taste, and will provide a nutritious complement to any raw dish. Containing Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, in addition to calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and a host of other trace minerals, they are also rich in protein, containing more than 25% by weight. Quick to germinate, Red Clover will produce edible sprouts in as little as 5 days with proper moisture and care. 


Q: How long will my seeds last?
A: Shelf life varies depending on the seed, but it ranges from 1-10 years dependent on the type of seed.  Herbs and Teas have a shelf life of 2-3 years, vegetables and fruits range from 5-7 years, and grains range from 7-10 years.   Store all seeds in a cool, dry, and dark location to maximize life. Do not freeze and do not expose to heat.

Q: Why should I use non-hybrid (open pollinated) rather than hybrid seeds?
  • Better Nutrition – Commercial Produce lacks nutrition, research has shown.
  • Sustainable Gardening - Saving Seeds is only possible with open-pollinated seeds
  • Economic Security – In recessions and depressions, FOOD IS ECONOMIC SECURITY
  • Food Supply Independence – If food supplies are challenged, home gardening is freedom.
  • Crop Diversity – Participate in saving the original strains from extinction
  • Investment Hedge – Seeds are an excellent alternative investment to paper money, stocks and securities, even gold if the markets were to dive long-term.
Q: Why should I buy Heirloom Organics Non-Hybrid Seed Packs?
  • Best price – Heirloom Organics Seed Pack are wholesale or bulk amounts of seed sold in complete, integrated packs.
  • Largest Amount – Our Seed Packs are HUGE! From the Vault to the Farm Pack, we provide bulk quantities in our packs.
  • Long-Term Storage Prepared – We use the VAULTtm method to extend seed life up to twice.
  • Use now AND store for later – Our Packs are double sealed so you can use seeds this year and store the rest without harming the extended shelf-life.
Q: Can I open my seeds, use some and re-seal them for storage?
A: Yes. They are double sealed so you can reseal them without harming the shelf life.
Q: Can I buy individual packets?
A: No, we ONLY SELL COMPLETE SETS. This is the only way we can provide wholesale amounts AND process them for long-term storage. Sorry, No individual Packets and no replacements.
Q: Should I freeze my seeds?
A: Only if you plan to keep them there. Freezing DOES help extend seed life as long as they are not removed often.
Q: How Much will shipping be?
A: UPS determines the shipping amount. The shipping cost will be added to your order once you place it.
Q: Do you ship to Europe/Asia?
A: We only ship to U.S. and Canada currently. Agricultural restrictions between countries make it very difficult to ship seeds.
Q: You DO ship to Canada?
A: Yes we do, however, Canada restricts some grains like wheat, barley and rye. We must provide replacements on some packs and some we cannot ship at all. Please see the list.
Q: What are Heirloom seeds?
A: Heirloom seeds are simply the oldest strains of open pollinated seeds. Varieties that were commonly grown during early periods of history. No one really agrees at what age a seed becomes 'heirloom'. Some say fifty years, others disagree. It is not necessary to have "heirloom" seeds for a survival or preparedness garden. Open pollinated seeds are what is required.
Q: What about variety replacements?
A: Due to ongoing seed shortages, seed varieties subject to change without notice. Replacements will be as close as possible and will be included in your order documentation.
Q: Do I get instructions or assistance?
A: Yes! When your product arrives, you will have access to the largest Organic Growing Guide on the internet for free, 24/7 information.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.
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