All you need to know about the benefits of organic geranium essential oil

All you need to know about the benefits of organic geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil has a long history of use as an all-around beautifying agent. The Ancient Egyptians were said to have used this sweet-scented oil for skin care, particularly to soothe and improve their skin. Even today, many people still use geranium essential oil to maintain not just their skin, but also their hair and mood.

Geranium essential oil is derived from the leaves of rose-scented geraniums (Pelargonium graveolens) by steam distillation. This plant is native to Africa but is now grown in many regions, especially in Europe and Asia. While different varieties of geranium exist, they share near-identical chemical compositions, benefits and uses.

Besides being a common ingredient in skincare products, geranium essential oil is also a staple of the perfume industry because of its floral scent. Meanwhile in aromatherapy, geranium essential oil is valued for its numerous health benefits.

Today, a lot is known about the health-promoting properties of geranium essential oil, thanks to an abundance of scientific studies. Plenty of anecdotal evidence also exists which supports its beneficial effects on human health.

Here are six amazing health benefits you can get by using geranium essential oil.*

Supports healthy skin*

Geranium essential oil has been cherished for centuries for its skin-beautifying benefits. Using the oil in your daily skincare routine helps promote glowing skin and an even skin tone.

According to a review of published studies, geranium essential oil contains compounds like citronellol and geraniol that help promote clear and healthy skin. [1]

Supports healthy hair*

Geranium essential oil is a wonderful natural alternative to haircare products. Most store-bought conditioners contain a number of harmful chemicals. Organic geranium essential oil, on the other hand, contains nothing but the best naturally occurring compounds to revitalize your hair.

When used as part of a daily haircare routine, geranium essential oil gives hair a natural shine while imparting that wonderful floral aroma distinct to geranium.

Protects against external threats*

Besides providing a floral aroma, geranium essential oil also helps maintain overall health.

According to one study, geranium essential oil is effective at fighting external threats, thanks to B-citronellol. [2]

Helps calm nerves*

Geranium essential oil’s floral aroma provides a powerful calming effect that can help relieve stress.  When used in aromatherapy, it can help promote relaxation and help calm nerves.

Clinical trials show that aromatherapy with geranium essential oil can calm patients and help them relax in hospital settings. [3]

Helps keep pesky bugs away*

Geranium essential oil’s aroma not only helps calm people, it also naturally keeps away pesky bugs and insects.

The various chemical compounds present in geranium essential oil are useful for naturally repelling insects. Adding a drop of this oil to a cotton ball and placing it where bugs are likely to be found can help keep them away.

Maintain healthy blood sugar levels*

Geranium can help promote healthy blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range. Interestingly enough, the people of Tunisia have been using it as a folk remedy for this exact purpose for years.

This health benefit of geranium essential oil has actually been documented in animal studies. There aren’t human studies yet, but experts believe that aromatherapy or topical application of geranium essential oil can be beneficial for humans as well. [4]

Where to get organic geranium essential oil

Because of the many benefits offered by geranium essential oil, it might be tempting to go out and buy the first one you see. However, not all essential oils are created equal.

There are more than a few essential oils out there that aren’t organic. This means that certain chemicals and pesticides were used to grow the plant. Using essential oils derived from conventional plants will certainly increase your risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

In addition, some producers mix additives with their essential oils to extend their shelf life. Often, however, these additives also include fillers and diluents that are only added to keep the price of the essential oil low.

But the great news is, all essential oils (including organic geranium) at the Health Ranger Store are 100% organic. Our organic geranium essential oil has been laboratory verified to ensure its cleanliness and purity. It contains no chemical preservatives, no fillers and no additives.

When you buy a bottle of Health Ranger’s lab-verified essential oil, you can be sure that you’re getting nothing but the highest quality, organic and ethically-sourced geranium essential oil.

How to use Health Ranger’s Organic Geranium Essential Oil

With its many benefits and uses, Health Ranger’s Organic Geranium Essential Oil can be used in a variety of ways. When diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, you can apply Health Ranger’s Organic Geranium Essential Oil on your skin to soothe it. Enjoy the sweet, calming aroma of geranium essential oil while you massage it into your skin.

Another common use for geranium essential oil is for aromatherapy. Simply put Health Ranger’s Organic Geranium Essential Oil in a large diffuser to freshen any room with its naturally uplifting scent. You can also add it to personal-use diffusers, such as aroma inhaler sticks, so that you can breathe in its scent anywhere you go.

Preparing geranium essential oil

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, so they can cause irritation if not used properly. For this reason, a 100% pure and organic essential oil like Health Ranger’s Organic Geranium Essential Oil needs to be diluted with a carrier oil to make it gentle on the skin. A good carrier oil will also help your skin absorb all the benefits of geranium essential oil more easily.

Most carrier oils are unscented or only lightly scented, so they won’t lessen or change geranium essential oil’s aroma and other natural properties. Some good carrier oils to use are sandalwood seed, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and argan oil.

When choosing a carrier oil, perform a patch test first to see if you have any allergic reactions to it.

To perform a patch test, follow these steps:

  1. Place a small amount of carrier oil on the inside of your wrist or just below your ear.
  2. Cover the oil with a bandage.
  3. Check the area after 24 hours.
  4. If irritation occurs, rinse thoroughly and avoid future use.

Once you have your carrier oil and are ready to dilute your Health Ranger’s Organic Geranium Essential Oil with it, be sure to take note of the following guidelines.

For adults, a 2.5 to 10% dilution is fine.

You should also take note of the following to know how much essential oil to add to a carrier oil.

For adults:

  • 2.5% dilution: 15 drops of an essential oil per 6 teaspoons of a carrier oil
  • 3% dilution: 20 drops of an essential oil per 6 teaspoons of a carrier oil
  • 5% dilution: 30 drops of an essential oil per 6 teaspoons of a carrier oil
  • 10% dilution: 60 drops of an essential oil per 6 teaspoons of a carrier oil

After diluting, store the mixture in a cool, dark place or, better yet, in the refrigerator. Also, be sure to use a dark glass bottle as your container.

Geranium essential oil is truly a great essential oil that not only has a lot of uses, but also provides many health benefits.

Health Ranger Store’s organic essential oils are all derived from organically grown wholesome plants that are certified USDA organic and laboratory verified free of any additives, pesticides, fillers, alcohols and diluents.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any diseases.