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Juvent PRO Micro-Impact Platform

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Juvent PRO Micro-Impact Platform
Juvent PRO Micro-Impact Platform
Juvent PRO Micro-Impact Platform

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The Juvent Pro Micro-Impact Platform®  has been shown to promote bone health, speed recovery, relieve pain, and enhance your strength. The platform of choice for individuals who want to maximize their health. The only difference from the 1000N is the color of the cover.

  • Calibrates frequency to your body’s unique composition (20+ patents)
  • Safe and effective. 32Hz-37Hz, at only 0.3-0.4g’s of energy. 20-minute cycle
  • Up to 280lbs
  • Warm up before workouts and recover faster
  • Promotes balance and stability, enhancing an athlete's strength
  • Feel more energized, to get the most from your workouts
  • Now with a 10-year Limited Warranty.

Benefits include:

  • Better bone health
  • Less Joint Pain
  • Better Range of Motion
  • Better Circulation
  • Better Lymphatic Drainage
  • Faster Recovery

What is the scientific mechanism behind Juvent?
(me-kanotrans-duk-shin) n

Mechanotransduction refers to the process by which mechanical stimuli are transformed into cellular responses. It refers to the conversion of mechanical signals, such as stretch, compression, or fluid flow, into biological signals that result in a physiological response.

This process is essential for the proper functioning of many different tissues, including the skin, bones, and muscles. For example, when we touch an object, the pressure we apply generates a mechanical stimulus that is transformed into an electrical signal by sensory neurons in our skin. These signals are then transmitted to the brain, allowing us to perceive the sensation of touch.

In the body, cells and tissues have specialized structures, such as the cytoskeleton and cell membrane, that are involved in mechanotransduction. These structures can sense mechanical forces and transmit signals to the interior of the cell, where they can trigger a variety of cellular responses, including changes in gene expression, cell division, and differentiation.

Overall, mechanotransduction plays a crucial role in many physiological processes and is an important area of research in the field of biology and medicine. Understanding the mechanisms underlying this process has important implications for the development of new treatments for a variety of diseases, including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders.

Technical Specifications

  • The Juvent Health Micro-Impact Platform® is a precision FDA Class 1 medical exercise and rehabilitation device.
  • Weighs 21.5 lbs, with a standard operating capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Natural non-invasive treatment
  • Quiet. Talk on the phone, watch TV, surf the web or listen to music while on Juvent.
  • Everyone in the household can use the Juvent since it is self-calibrating.
  • Compact for easy storage, portable and durable (Height 3.25 in / Width 21.1 in / Depth 23.7 in)
  • Strong. Maximum capacity of 275 lbs /124.7 kg
  • Energy-efficient – requires only 7 watts
  • 120/220 Volt
Frequently asked questions
  • Is Juvent registered with the FDA?

Yes. We are listed on the FDA's web site as a registered Establishment and Device. Most of our competitors are not registered with the FDA.

  • How do you use the Juvent Health Micro-Impact Platform?

Simply plug it in, turn it on, and stand on the platform for 10 to 20 minutes. That’s all it takes to gain the benefits of Juvent’s passive micro-impact exercise. Feel free to read a book, watch television, use your tablet, or even eat or drink while using the Juvent Micro-Impact Platform.

  • What does the Juvent Platform feel like?

You’ll feel gentle, soothing waves of micro-impact pulses traveling up from your feet into your legs and throughout your entire body. The sensation is pleasant and exhilarating, not intense or distracting. You can feel it in your jaw or TMJ. The Juvent Platform works by sending low-magnitude, high-frequency energy waves through your body, and thus produces a quiet hum. Stand in the center of the platform and evenly distribute your weight to ensure a pleasant experience.

  • Is the Juvent Platform safe?

Yes. Juvent’s Micro-Impact Platform has been used in both children and senior published clinical studies. It is registered as a Class I medical device, the Juvent Platform is safe for young adults and seniors for up to several hours of use a day, per ISO standards (we only recommend the study doses of 10-20 minutes, 3 times per week). Many tell us they use their Juvent 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed. It operates in a range of frequencies that experts have deemed safe. It then calibrates itself to your unique body composition, you can be confident in your health and safety. Be sure to read our Owner’s Manual for specific risk factors and contraindications. You will also want to consult with your physician before undertaking any new exercise program.

We are continually shocked and dismayed by whole-body vibration vendors who have little or no published research making claims based on Juvent studies. They say they are safe, yet operate at energy levels of 10-50 times higher than Juvent’s micro-impact! They also operate at variable frequency ranges from 5Hz to 200Hz or higher without explaining the danger of organ resonance. Juvent operates at very safe 0.3 – 0.4 g’s of energy between 32Hz-37Hz, a range that is known to be very safe.

Juvent’s micro-impact is possible because of our patented platform mechanism. It moves your body only 0.05mm in vertical distance (about the height of two pieces of paper stacked). Contrast this to 2mm-10mm in most WBV platforms. 2mm is 40 times more displacement than Juvent! Imagine their claims of safety. No data, no studies just internet testimonials from nameless users. They promise to cure hundreds of disorders without any peer-reviewed data. Most of these WBV vendors will not show you their mechanisms because they are usually just cheap motors with an out-of-round steel weight spinning around. How much does that cost to make? $50-$75? So if you do decide to buy a whole-body vibration platform, and we do not recommend you do, then don’t pay over $300. When it’s time for repairs, good luck. Many have few or no replacement parts or they have to take new units apart for spares which means when they run out you are done.

WBV vendors claim to support thousands of pounds in weight. Well, so do large industrial rock shakers or large paint shakers. If anything this should be a reason to not use these devices. The human body is a complex and fragile system and very small amounts of energy and substances can have dramatic effects. Get a speck of sand in your eye and see how your body responds.

Juvent’s platform is the result of over $40MM in research and development. There was a reason. Vibrating a human body is a tricky business. Most vibration is NOT good for the body. Juvent’s patented micro-impact is. Our long-term, prospective, randomized trials prove it.

Don’t be an unpaid, unsupervised research subject for a WBV company that just purchased a container full of platforms from a Far East manufacturer and put up an internet site. Your life and well-being are worth far more than that.

As with any medical device, you should consult with your physician before using it. You should not use the Juvent platform if you’re pregnant, history of deep vein thrombosis, or have pre-existing retinal detachment problems. We have not had these complications but our Medical Advisory Board suggested that these could put one at risk.

  • Isn’t impact dangerous?

No. While excessive levels of impact (greater than 1g force and 1 mm’s of travel) can be harmful, the pulses of the Juvent Health Micro-Impact Platform are beneficial (only 0.3 – 0.4 g’s and 0.05mm of travel). In fact, the Surgeon General’s report on bone health states “physical activity that includes impact is more effective than those that do not include impact.”

When the body doesn’t receive enough impact on a regular basis, bones and muscles can atrophy and suffer. The Juvent Health Platform is a safe, proven, medically sound method to get the essential impact that your musculoskeletal system needs.

  • Can multiple people use the same Juvent Platform?

Yes. Only the Juvent Platform contains our patented, proprietary technology that calibrates the micro-impact frequency to your particular body composition. Each time someone stands on it, within 12 seconds our computer adjusts to ideally fit your body, so multiple users of any shape and size can safely benefit from the Juvent platform.

How to set up your Juvent from Juvent on Vimeo.

Disclaimer and Important Information
In the US, the Juvent device is considered investigational for the treatment of osteoporosis or improvement/maintenance of bone mineral density and our claims have not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA to treat any disease or condition. (2) Calculated over the 20+ year expected life of a Juvent. The JUVENT® Micro-Impact Platform® is Registered as a Class I medical device for exercise and rehabilitation. JUVENT products are covered by the following issued patents, pending patents and their foreign equivalents: 6,843,776 6,884,2277,094211 7,207,954 7,207,955 7,985,191 8,114,036 11/369,611 11/486,538. Juvent, Dynamic Motion Therapy, Micro-Impact Platform, and the symbol are Registered trademarks of Regenerative Technologies Corporation.


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