Pep –Me-Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser 30gm
Pep –Me-Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser 30gm Pep –Me-Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser 30gm

Pep –Me-Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser 30gm

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Pep –Me-Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser
Anti -Oxidant Treatment for Day & Night (For Normal/Dry Skin)
**Best by: July 2018**

AIRLESS BOTTLE ** Please note These airless pump bottles help prevent product to come in contact with oxygen to preserve the shelf life, once you begin using the product. Because of this, customers may experience a delay when first pumping the product. It may take excessive amounts of pumps to get the product out. Please understand this is only in the initial stages.

A potent anti-oxidant, moisturising treatment that firms and significantly relaxes muscles for preventing and smoothing expression lines. With added NZ native pohutukawa for skin regeneration and Beta Carotene for improving the signs of skin aging, this luxurious treatment cream is a must have.

  • Use 2-3 pumps and apply to face and neck morning & evening.


D - Alpha Tocopherol - Vitamin E, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Infusion of Marshmallow Extract, Squalene (vegetable olive leaf), Glycerin, NZ Native Extracts of Pohutukawa, Micronised Beta Carotene, Organic Essential Oils, Grander Water, Natural Preservative System, Micro Vita Love.

Peptides of Hibiscus Seed Extract, Beta Carotene.
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