Himalayan Crystal Salt FIRE BOWL with iron grate

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This Himalayan salt FIRE BOWL is a fascinating conversation piece, with an average height of 4" and base width of 6.6". When lit, it appears to be a bowl of molten lava.

Salt fire bowls come from deep inside Himalayan salt caves, where huge seams of trace-mineral-rich salt are harvested and transformed into edible salt, salt lamps, salt tea lights and other items. The salt is considered "better than organic" because they are wildcrafted from inside a mountain, completely free of modern-day chemicals.

YES, these salt sculptures are edible! You can literally scrape off the salt from the fire bowl and use it on your food. They are not treated or processed in any way other than being physically shaped. There is nothing added to these large shapes of Himalayan salt. If you LICK your salt lamp, it will taste like salt.

This salt contains 82+ trace elements, including magnesium, zinc, selenium and more. It is a "full-spectrum" sea salt that's slightly pinkish in color. The taste is widely considered to have more depth and richness compared to processed white table salt.


Every salt object is unique

Himalayan salt is a collection of crystals. The crystal shape reminds many people of quartz crystals or geodes. There is a geometry in the crystals that is widely recognized to be "sacred" in the healing arts. Salt lamps are crystals you can eat!

When lit from the inside, Himalayan salt lamps project an amazing pattern of light and color. They also have a slight ionizing effect that projects negative ions when the light bulb is turned on. Historically, allergy sufferers have commonly visited salt caves to help improve their breathing.

We cannot guarantee exactly what each salt lamp will look like, as each one is unique in texture and composition. The picture you see here is taken from the same salt lamps we are offering, so your lamp will look similar to this. All Himalayan salt lamps will have visible "fractures" which are lines between different concentrations of mineral elements inside the lamp. They may also contain small "specks" of minerals, usually red or pink in color. The texture of the salt lamp is much like a collection of tiny crystals, which is exactly what salt really is.


FREE dimmer switch

Most Himalayan salt lamps sold in North America come with a cheap on/off light switch. Our lamps come with a FREE high-quality dimmer switch and cord, allowing you to "turn the lights down low" to set the mood for meditation, romance, or whatever you want.

The warm glow produced by these lamps is incredibly beautiful, even sensuous. The natural texture of the lamp provides a kaleidescope of fascinating textures and light refractions that are mesmerizing to observe.

NOTE: A light bulb is NOT included with the lamp, as the bulbs are fragile and would break during shipping. It uses a standard light bulb size that you can find at any Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart or other home living store. The "B10" bulb screw base is what you're looking to get. They're sometimes called "miniature lamp" bulbs. These are very inexpensive and easy to find. We recommend a 45-watt bulb or smaller.


A smart preparedness item

Himalayan salt lamps are prized as valuable preparedness items because human beings cannot live without salt. Although modern-day food is pre-salted, in a collapse or survival scenario, salt suddenly becomes very difficult to get (and goes way UP in value).

In a survival scenario, you'll need salt for storing foods, pickling vegetables, curing meats, cooking soups, and to help eliminate nutritional deficiencies. Because Himalayan salt contains 82+ trace elements, it provides the body with nutritional raw materials that regular white salt cannot.

If you wish to chip off some salt from a salt lamp, here's a tip: Wrap the salt lamp in a towel, then (carefully) hammer away at the towel. This will produce salt grains and small pieces that can be used in cooking. It is a good idea to wear eye protection when hammering, by the way.


Infinite shelf life

These salt lamps have already been "on the shelf" so to speak for millions of years. As long as you keep them dry, they have a shelf life far beyond a human lifespan. Remember: They have been buried under billions of tons of rock and dirt for millions of years. They will do just fine sitting on your shelf. This makes them a smart way to store a valuable survival item that also doubles as a beautiful decoration piece for your home or office!


* FREE shipping in 48 contiguous states for orders of $99 or more

YES, all our Himalayan salt lamps, salt tea lights, USB salt lamps and other salt items qualify for FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 states for orders of $99 or more. This is effectively a huge discount, as salt lamps are heavy and expensive to ship. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is charged at the actual rate provided to us by the carriers. We do not recommend purchasing salt lamps for shipment outside the United States, as shipping costs can often exceed the entire purchase price of the lamp.

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