The ancient therapeutic plant frankincense can provide you with numerous health benefits

The ancient therapeutic plant frankincense can provide you with numerous health benefits

Often called the “king of oils,” frankincense has been used as a natural remedy by various cultures since ancient times.

Ancient Egyptians used frankincense as an insect repellent, a perfume and a salve. The ancient Greeks and Romans, on the other hand, utilized it as a traditional remedy for a wide variety of conditions. [1][2]

Meanwhile, Ayurvedic medicine taught that frankincense pacified the vatadosha, or the element of air in the body. This means that it can help calm the mind, helping ease anxious feelings and restlessness. [3]

In addition, healers in imperial China also used frankincense extensively. [4]

With all the health benefits associated with it – not to mention its sweet and uplifting scent – it’s no wonder that frankincense use is seeing a resurgence today.

How is frankincense made?

Frankincense is a resin derived from the gummy sap of five species of Boswellia trees – Boswellia sacra, B. papyrifera, B. carateri, B. frereana and B. serrata.

Frankincense is mainly produced these days in the southern Arabian Peninsula, specifically in Oman and Yemen, as well as in northeast African countries like Somalia, and the Indian subcontinent.

Frankincense is obtained by making deliberate incisions into the bark of the Boswellia tree to gain access to its milky sap.

This sap hardens immediately upon exposure to air. The hardened sap is harvested after a period of two weeks, then it is stored for another 12 weeks to allow it to harden further.

This dried frankincense can be sold as is – and burned on hot coals as a traditional incense – or it can be processed into an essential oil via steam distillation.

What gives frankincense its health benefits?

Frankincense is composed mostly of compounds known as boswellic acids. Named after the tree from which its raw material is tapped, these are organic compounds that belong to a large and diverse class of organic compounds called terpenes. [5]

Boswellic acids are noted for their non-volatile nature. More importantly, several studies have linked them to a bevy of health-supporting properties. [6]

In addition, frankincense contains other compounds such as alpha- and beta-pinene, limonene, myrcene and linalool – all of which have been linked to several health-supporting properties. Several studies especially point to Alpha- and beta-pinene as two of nature’s most therapeutic compounds – proving yet again, that for the most part, the wisdom of ancient healers is still unmatched. [7]

What are the health benefits of frankincense?

Frankincense is considered to be among the most potent of traditional remedies due to its rich stores of health-supporting compounds.   

Here are some of the health benefits one can get from frankincense:

Frankincense promotes healthy bones and joints*

Frankincense contains high levels of terpenes and boswellic acids. These are known to support healthy bones and joints. [8]

Frankincense supports a healthy gut*

According to one study, the sap from which frankincense is made can help maintain a healthy gut and support its normal functions. This can be attributed to the resin’s high levels of boswellic acid. [9]

Frankincense supports a healthy respiratory system*

Research suggests that the boswellic acids in frankincense support healthy lung function. Putting frankincense essential oil in your diffuser or vaporizer can help you maintain a healthy respiratory system. [10]

Frankincense helps maintain optimal oral health*

Adding some frankincense into your oral care routine will help keep your teeth in tip-top condition, according to dental health experts. A study has shown that the boswellic acids in frankincense possess powerful cleansing properties. [11]

Frankincense may help relieve stress and uplift mood*

Frankincense is known to support a healthy limbic system, or the part of the nervous system that deals with emotion, motivations of behavior and the consolidation of memories. [12] It is able to do this because of its high sesquiterpene content.

This means that breathing in the scent of frankincense – whether using a traditional incense burner or via a sleek, modern diffuser – can help relieve stressful feelings and uplift one’s mood.

Where do I get frankincense?

The global demand for frankincense, as well as regional conflicts, has put a strain on the supply of frankincense. As a result, some of the frankincense on the market today contains fillers. In addition, some producers also add additives and chemical preservatives.

Health Ranger Select Organic Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil is lab verified to ensure its purity and cleanliness. It’s made from B. serrata frankincense, ethically sourced from India and contains no additives, preservatives or fillers.

With Health Ranger Select Organic Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil, you can try the following healing recipes knowing that you’re using only the purest and cleanest frankincense.

How do I use frankincense?

Frankincense can be used in a multitude of ways.

Traditionally, frankincense pellets are burned as incense on hot coals; however, using it as an essential oil is much more convenient and practical for a wider variety of uses. With frankincense essential oil, just rub a few drops – mixed with a carrier oil, of course – on your skin, or add a couple of drops to an aromatherapy diffuser to experience its potent effects.

When looking for frankincense – be it raw, unrefined resin or essential oil – make sure you’re only getting the pure frankincense without any fillers or other additives. Be sure to always check the label – it must only cite the scientific name of the particular species the extract from which is was harvested.


Personal Care Recipe: Raw Sugar Frankincense Scrub

This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) sugar scrub is the best way to bring the luxurious feeling of a spa into your home.

The best part? It’s all natural and all-organic!



  1. Mix the sugar with organic extra virgin coconut oil until well-incorporated.
  2. Add your essential oils and mix together again.
  3. Pack the sugar scrub into a clean, sterile glass container.
  4. When stored in a cool, dry environment, the scrub should last for up to three months in an airtight container.
  5. To use: Put a good-sized dollop of the scrub on skin. Rub gently to facilitate healthy exfoliation.

Personal Care Recipe: Organic Coconut Oil and Frankincense Face Cream

If you’re looking for a luxurious and organic moisturizing face cream that’s vitamin-rich and perfect for those with normal to dry skin, here’s an easy-to-follow recipe that uses all-natural ingredients. [12]




  1. Whip the organic coconut oil until soft peaks form.
  2. Add vitamin E oil, making sure to incorporate the oils completely.
  3. Add the essential oils into the mixture.
  4. Add beeswax, then whip the mixture until fully incorporated.
  5. Pack the mixture into a dry, sterilized and airtight container.
  6. To use: Apply a small amount on your face every night before going to sleep. You can also use the cream throughout the day, as needed.

Personal Care Recipe: Energizing Frankincense Face Mist

If your skin needs a quick burst of freshness and vitality, just go ahead and spritz on this energizing face mist.

Made from pure organic frankincense oil and pure, distilled water, this mist is sure to give your skin a much-needed boost – especially during the dreaded afternoon slump. Think of this mist as a “refresh” button in your skin care routine, so to speak.

P.S.: If ever you feel like the formulation’s a bit too strong, simply add a carrier oil like avocado or jojoba.



  1. Fill a glass squirt bottle with pure distilled water.
  2. Add Organic Frankincense and Lemon Essential Oils.
  3. Add jojoba or avocado oil.
  4. Shake well before each use.
  5. To use: Spray onto face and body to instantly refresh your skin.

Frankincense is one of the oldest known natural remedies and has been used by various cultures throughout history. Even today, using frankincense, such as Health Ranger Select Organic Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil, will provide you with many health benefits.

Do you know of any other ways organic frankincense can support your health? Do you know of other ways to use frankincense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any diseases.