See my amazing Ranger Gear survival shovel in action: VIDEO

See my amazing Ranger Gear survival shovel in action: VIDEO

Today I'm announcing two amazing multifunction shovels from Ranger Gear -- our new line of survival and preparedness products for those who appreciate quality, affordable and practical gear. The shovels come in two varieties: the Extreme Multifunction Shovel with Tools, and the slightly smaller Emergency Multifunction Shovel with Tools.

Starting today, buy any Ranger Gear Shovel, get one Ranger Gear Solar Lantern at no charge. Yes, the Solar Lantern is an outright GIFT.

Both shovels are emblazoned with the American flag and the phrase "Come and Take It." They each feature a multitude of expedient tools contained in the shovel handle. Each segment of the handle detaches to reveal a different tool. Although cheaper multifunction shovels are available elsewhere, for our Ranger Gear brand we've enhanced the durability of the shovel connection plate with the handle, added a long length of paracord to the handle end.

The blades of each shovel have slightly different functions. The Emergency Multifunction Shovel has a blade which can be locked securely into three useful angles and used as a hook, hoe and shovel. The Extreme Multifunction Shovel has a blade that can be used as a standard shovel, or locked securely at a 90° angle for use as a hoe. It also includes a quick-change spring-loaded ratcheting system for rapid changing of the shovel angle.

Both of these shovels provide almost everything you need in one seriously heavy-duty survival tool. Use them to dig, hoe, hammer, chop wood, start fire, cut rope and wire, scale fish, open bottles, take measurements, break glass, tie safety cordage, whistle for help and more. They also serve as a formidable weapon for self-defense.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, each shovel fits in its own rugged, super-portable bag. It's perfect for serious preppers and anyone interested in everyday preparedness. Every vehicle should have one of these multifunction shovels.

This special offer expires soon, so act now to get one of these amazing shovels -- along with your choice of a round or cube solar lantern at not charge.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger