Groovy Bee Pinhole Glasses Sports Style

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Groovy Bee® Pinhole Glasses Sports Style have the following features:

* Quality construction with thick pinhole panel that stays firmly in place
* Metal hinges!
* High quality, thick frame resists breakage
* A "registered medical device" with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Frequently-asked questions about pinhole glasses:

How do pinhole glasses work?

Pinhole glasses have hundreds of tiny holes that alter the light entering your eyes, transforming the light from an overpowering mass of light rays to a collection of lower-intensity, distinct light rays that effectively give your eyes a more "organized" pattern on which to focus. This causes the ciliary body of your eyes to engage in adaptive exercise which helps support the range of motion of your ciliary muscles.

Those muscles control the shape of your lenses that focus light inside your eyes. As these muscles become stronger (over a period of days and weeks), they become more "fit" instead of "flabby," just like resistance exercises make your other body muscles more capable over time. Increases in range of motion are everything when it comes to controlling the shape of the lenses in your eyes.

The end result? Enhance your eye fitness.

How will I know if they are working for me?

For many people, the minute they put them on, they INSTANTLY see more clearly because of the interesting way they allow the eyes to see close-up objects with more clarity. Many people are astonished at the difference in their experience, and some actually scream out in surprise at the fact that they suddenly see things differently.

Is it safe to use pinhole glasses?

Yes. There are no dangerous side effects to wearing pinhole glasses. Keep in mind that you should not wear them while driving or performing any action that requires your full attention. You should also limit their use to a few minutes a day to give your eyes a rest between exercise sessions.

Can I use pinhole glasses if I'm wearing contact lenses?

Yes you can, although it is best to try wearing pinhole glasses without your contact lenses to see how much it can improve your focus.

For how long should I wear the pinhole glasses?

Initially, try them for just a few minutes a day, building up to roughly one hour each day as your focus improves. 

Do pinhole glasses work for everyone?

No. There are many causes of poor vision. Pinhole glasses does not resolve cataracts or other causes of blurred vision. 

Customer Reviews

good product

I wear contacts that correct for distance vision, but still need reading glasses for close up, like reading labels. Unfortunately spend a lot of time in front of computer screens at work, but started wearing these after I get home at the end of the day. I am seeing a gradual improvement in my vision, hoping to minimize or eliminate need for reading glasses over time. Had to start slow with these as it is weird at first, but you can build up from a few minutes per day.

Unbelievable but true

I was at first some what doubtful it would improve my eyesight dramatically. For example, I thought my eyes would get a bit better but not by much. In the contrary my eyes have improved. The more you use these the better your eyes get. You have to use them atleast once a week and stay off from LED screens, (ie cellphone, computer screens) as much as you can. My husband couldn’t see at night from my right eye but now he can. I have improved my eyesight as well. Great product!

My eyesight is getting better!

My eyesight has been rather poor since I was little and for a while now I've been trying to find natural ways restore my eyesight so I never have to wear glasses again. I came across these glasses while nosing around in this shop looking for items I'd be interested in and I was immediately drawn to these and when I purchased them and started doing exercises with them along with a number of other techniques, my eyesight began improving and my lazy eye problem went away. These glasses are an absolute must have for anyone seeking to holistically improve their eyesight! They have a great design as well, so that's an added bonus.

Very pleased with the results

I am in my 40's have always had very good vision, have never had to wear glasses. In the past year I found it difficult to read the small print on food labels. My vision had become blur when trying to read small print and I would need hold whatever I was trying to read at a distance. It was a like playing a trombone just to be able to read the small print. I had read about pin hole glasses but was rather sceptical that such a simple solution would help my vision. I had been told my many that it was due to aging and just the normal course of getting older. I decided it was time to try pinhole glasses to see if they could help me with my eyesight. I received my pinhole glasses today and I this is the first time I have ever posted a review. I am truly surprised how well they work and very pleased that I took the plunge to give them a go. They are fantastic!!!! and have worked to improve my vision. Thank you Natural News

Quality product

I have one weaker eye, but both eyes need glasses. I can see well enough to read computer screen without my computer glasses, and while only using my weakest eye with these pinhole glasses. Quality constructed.

An affordable way to improve vision

Without glasses, anything a few inches from me is nothing but a fuzzy blob. At one hour lens places, I have to wait a week for my glasses. With pinhole glasses, although everything is still blurry, I can actually function adequately. I may not buy 2 pairs of glasses next (I need one to find a pair I use because without a backup pair, I cannot see my glasses to find them.) With pinhole glasses, I can find my glasses. 3 strong suggestions for improvement: One, arms not adjustable for comfort. They are a tad too tight. Two, only the holes in front of the eyes are usable. The sides need to be at adjusted angles to be completely usable. The angles should be transition to make it easy for the brain to process the complete picture. Three, smaller pinhole size options. My eyes are really bad, and smaller seems better. I plan on getting a weaker prescription and use pinhole glasses as well as eye exercises to improve me sight. I have used weaker prescriptions before, and every time I do, no worsening of my sight. It stays the same, which is wonderful news! Pinhole glasses gives me the affordable chance I have been looking for to perform basic daily functions and improve my vision. In addition, I consume a very healthy diet, exercise, and have a very positive personality. All in all, outstanding idea.

Amazed at the results

I am not going to go into details, I bought this for myself and my girlfriend. I can see fine but I still thought that it would be good to exercise my eyes. My girlfriend on the other hand wears contact lenses and can't see at all, after wearing this for few minutes she was amaze at the results. This is our first try and will keep on using them to see how it goes.

Now I am a believer

I wasn't a total believer but for better vision for only 26 dollars, it's totally worth it. It really works i recommend it to other as well. P.S. Using it to type this review XD

Can read and write with ease

Normally, I have to use reading glasses to read from my computer screen, but with these pinhole glasses--well, I'm writing and reading this with ease, wearing the pinholes! My New Year Resolution is to be consistent with usage of these sweet "eye exercisers" in hopes that in time I will be able to detect a noticeable improvement in my vision when not wearing any glasses!

Shocked at the difference

I've had a pair of these glasses for a few years. They were a promotional item given out by a vodka company. They are truly amazing! When I was handed the promo glasses, I wondered what the joke was? Would I pull them away to find racoon eyes? Was Ashton Kutcher nearby with a camera? Sadly, Ashton was not nearby...Anyway, I was shocked at the difference! I can't wait to get my stylin' sports style glasses!! I'll certainly be havin' a little swag while at my desk. Well, at least I might appear to have a little swag? LOL

My eyes feel different

Just received my glasses; wore them for 5 minutes. I could read with them on, which is something I cannot do with my naked eye. After the 5 minutes, my eyes felt different, like they had a workout- different but good! I will continue the experiment to SEE what happens but so far so good and on that alone I give these glasses four stars! Jakki

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