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Liver Health 2 fl oz (59.2 ml) (3-Pack)

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Liver Health 2 fl oz (59.2 ml) (3-Pack)
Liver Health 2 fl oz (59.2 ml) (3-Pack)
Liver Health 2 fl oz (59.2 ml) (3-Pack)

Liver Health 2 fl oz (59.2 ml) (3-Pack)

Herbal Liver Support Formula

Liver Health is a blend of powerful, carefully-selected herbs that contain antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. The specialized nutrients in this enhanced Raw Herbal Extract™ naturally detoxify, flush, and purge the liver of deposits, built-up toxins, and other impurities.

  • Detoxes the Liver
  • Improves Energy
  • Supports Digestion

What Is Liver Health?
Liver Health is an enhanced Raw Herbal Extract blend of natural herbs that are rich in antioxidants and specialized, plant-based nutrients that gently and thoroughly detoxify and flush the liver of toxins and accumulated deposits. It supports healthy function of the liver and gallbladder by helping to protect against the impacts of poor diet, processed foods, daily stress, and the ingestion of harmful toxins. The liquid formula tastes great and every two-ounce bottle lasts 30 days when used as directed.

Health Benefits of Liver Health
Liver Health works from the inside out to nutritionally support your liver and all its functions.

Supports the Liver
The herbs in Liver Health support all of the liver’s key functions — detoxification, bile production, and energy storage.

Promotes Detoxification
The liver is the most important for detoxing. Liver Health contains milk thistle, which helps the liver neutralize toxins.

Facilitates Digestion
Liver Health supports the body’s production of bile, an important digestive fluid that helps to metabolize fats and eliminate waste.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Liver Health

  1. Enables Energy Levels - The liver stores glycogen, which is converted to glucose when energy is needed.

  2. Soothes the Digestive Tract - Liver Health contains ingredients like turmeric, which helps to soothe the digestive tract.

  3. Protects the Liver - The herbs in Liver Health help the body produce glutathione, a protective antioxidant.

  4. Immune System Support - In addition to protecting the liver, glutathione is an integral part of the immune system.

  5. It’s Easy & Absorbable - Liver Health is an easy-to-take, quickly absorbed liquid formula that has a great flavor.

Why Liver Health Is Different
Liver Health is the only liver-support supplement made with Raw Herbal Extract technology.

  • Quality Ingredients Expertly Blended

We use only the best organic and wildcrafted herbs and concentrate them with our Raw Herbal Extract technology.

  • Easy to Use

Liver Health is a liquid formula that tastes great. Take it twice a day, once in the morning and again at night. Follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

  • Naturally Effective

Liver Health is enhanced with Energized Trace Minerals so it enters the bloodstream within minutes.

Suggested Use:
Shake bottle well. Take 1 ml twice daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Other Ingredients: organic vegetable glycerin, triple distilled water, organic plant essence blend (organic turmeric, organic yarrow, organic hibiscus), energized trace minerals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gloria Cato
Liver support, no brainer!

Taking care of the liver in these toxic times is the first defense in creating a healthy, whole body environment. Small price to pay for quality! I let other non essentials go and focus on Mikes fabulous products. No vacations but we are healthy!

That is very nice to hear! We truly value customers like you. Thank you!

great combination

great clean combination to keep your liver healthy. Feel better already. Did such research on liver this year and found out how important to concentrate and do whatever you can to improve and give proper nutrients to support our overworked liver after so many years. Love this product from HR. Plus it has glutathione which some liver support products dont have.

We really appreciate your valuable feedback

Great taste easy to use

Used a few bottles of this and felt great!

Fantastic to hear!

Another great product

Nice and easy tincture to use. Proper marking inside so you take the appropriate amount and the taste is good as a bonus.

Thank you for your excellent feedback!

Tastes good, easy to take

After a couple weeks I can’t tell if it is helping my liver but I feel like it is. Love the purity & testing of Mike’s products. I will recommend this to my son who needs liver cleansing due to inflammation.

We really appreciate your valuable feedback