Ranger Gear Emergency Multifunctional Shovel with Tools

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Ranger Gear Emergency Multi-functional Shovel with Tools
The Ranger Gear Emergency Multifunction Shovel With Tools provides almost everything you need in one seriously heavy-duty survival tool. Use it to dig, hoe, hammer, chop wood, start fire, cut rope and wire, scale fish, open bottles, take measurements, break glass, tie safety cordage, whistle for help and more. It also serves as a formidable weapon for self-defense. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it fits perfectly in its own rugged, super-portable bag.

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The blade can be locked securely into three useful angles and used as a hook, hoe and shovel.
Includes these 16 tools:
  • shovel
  • axe
  • hoe
  • hammer
  • magnesium fire starter
  • outdoor knife
  • ice pick
  • tourniquet
  • safety cordage
  • wire cutter
  • window breaker
  • extension bar
  • dual-head screwdriver
  • whistle
  • ruler
  • bottle opener
Made of aircraft grade aluminum
Total length: 81.7cm
Blade size: 195mm x 142mm x 2mm
Note: The photos below show some of the functions of the Multifunctional Shovel with Tools. Should you select Ranger Gear Emergency Multifunctional Shovel with Tools, the handle bar is golden colored aluminum. 

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